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PapaSmirf 01-03-2004 10:20 PM

Tein S-tech lowering springs
This is a product review for Tein's S-Tech lowering Springs
I installed 18 inch Motegi MR7s and wanted to get rid of the annoyingly large gap that installing larger rims creates. So after carefully considering which springs were right for me I chose Tein's S-Tech lowering Springs. After giving them a week to settle I measured the distance that they lowered my car (2003 WRX). Aprox. 1.5 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back. They made my car look badass and improved its handling considerably. This of course comes with the price of a stiffer ride but they don't make the ride too stiff. I read somewhere before I purchased these springs that one of their drawbacks was increased understeer over the stock springs and I am happy to report that I disagree with this claim. For anyone looking to lower their car but doesn't want to put up the money for coil overs, I highly recommend these lowering springs. However, it should be noted, these springs lower the car enough to neccessitate camber adjustment.
As an aside, anyone looking for a good cat-back Blitz's Nur Spec cat back delivered 13 additional horses to my car at the wheels and sounds really nice (deep and loud). I suppose there might be someone out there that likes it on the quieter side and luckily for them this catback comes with a silencer.

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