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Mach1WRX 04-26-2005 12:13 PM

WRX Parts Reduction Sale!

[SIZE=5][B][URL=]MACH 1 CAR ACCESSORIES[/URL] is offering a [COLOR=Red]WRX parts sale![/COLOR] All items are [U]IN[/U] stock, shipping is absolutely [URL=]FREE.[/URL][SIZE=5]

[SIZE=3][URL=]Mach1 Car Accessories[/URL] is dedicated to providing the customer with multiple shipping options from our online store. Other shipping methods include FedEX overnight, 2 day delivery, Same Business Day Shipping, and Free Ground Shipping on everything with the 48 continental States! We have a great place to shop in our online store for all of your performance needs![/SIZE]

[COLOR=Red]FREE GROUND SHIPPING!!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE] for this sale and everything else we sell from our website at [SIZE=5][] [/URL] [/SIZE] so hurry and get your order in TODAY!!

[CENTER][B]For Product Information CLICK on the item you wish to view!![/B]


[size=6][I][COLOR=Green]Clutch Kits[/COLOR][/I][/size]
[SIZE=4][URL=]Exedy Stage 1 Organic clutch $449.95[/URL]
[URL=]Exedy Stage 2 Thick Cerametallic Clutch Kit $529.95[/URL]
[URL=]Exedy Stage 2 Thin Cerametallic Clutch Kit $529.95[/URL]
ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with Stock Disc $469.95 [/URL]
[URL=]ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with 6 Pad Race Disc $419.95[/URL]
ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with 4 Pad Race Disc $409.95 [/URL][/size]

[size=6][I][COLOR=Green]Cat Back Exhaust Systems[/COLOR][/I][/size]
[URL=][SIZE=4]Apex’I N1 $459.95[/SIZE][/URL]
[URL=][SIZE=4]Borla Stainless $509.95[/SIZE][/URL]
[URL=][SIZE=4]Tanabe Super Medallion Racing $549.95[/SIZE][/URL]
[URL=][SIZE=4]Borla Stainless for WRX STi $509.95[/SIZE][/URL]
[URL=][SIZE=4]Borla Stainless $449.95[/SIZE][/URL]

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=6]Lowering Springs[/SIZE][/Color]
[SIZE=4][URL=http]Tanabe SUSTEC GF210 $169.95[/URL][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=6]Down Pipes[/SIZE][/Color]
[SIZE=4][URL=]Borla Downpipe $479.95[/URL][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][URL=]Borla Downpipe for STi $479.95[/URL][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Green][SIZE=6]Lightened Flywheels[/SIZE][/Color]
[SIZE=4][URL=]ACT StreetLite $229.95[/URL][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][URL=]Exedy Flywheel $389.95[/URL][/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=Green]Turbo Timers[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[URL=][size=4]Apex'i Automatic Turbo Timer $95.00[/URL][/size]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=Green]Boost Controller[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[URL=][size=4]Apex'i AVC-R $489.95[/URL][/size]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=Green]Blow Off Valves[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[URL=][size=4]Apex'i Twin Chamber BOV $179.95[/URL][/size]

[URL=][size=4]04+ AEM Cold Air Intake $199.95[/URL][/size]
[URL=][size=4]02-03 AEM Cold Air Intake $199.95[/URL][/size]
[URL=][size=4]01-03 WRX and STi K&N Typhoon System $209.95[/URL][/size]

[COLOR=Red][size=4]Make Mach1 Accessories your #1 place for Performance Parts[/size][/color]
Call (866) 49Mach1 for all of your aftermarket performance needs, questions, or shop online now! [][/URL][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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