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SlowboyCSE 12-11-2006 01:25 PM

Slowboy Racing Newsletter - NEW AUTOMETER PRODUCTS
Autometer Phantom II - New boost gauges, new tachs, new everything! Click on the picture for more info!

Autometer Sport Comp II - New mechanical gauges, new tachs, new temp gauges! Click on the picture to see this exciting new line!

Autometer Ultimate Series Tachs - New brighter faces and more accurate readouts! Click on the pictures for the all new models!

Autometer Ultra Lite II - New easier to read numbers that are slightly larger than before. New Boost Gauges!

Aeromotive -6AN EFi Fuel Pressure Regulator with 1:1 boost reference. This is our preferred fuel pressure regulator of choice at Slowboy Racing Inc. Works great on dsm's, evo's, hell we even have put one on an STi!

Anything else? Please call us today! 724.349.8417

If your up late or would rather email, [email][/email]

Thank you very much for the space and happy holidays!

Cragger - Slowboy Racing Inc.

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