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Edo Performance 02-23-2007 10:23 AM

Power Enterprise Super Strong Timing Belt: EJ20 and EJ25
[CENTER][B][I][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]Power Enterprise Super Strong Timing Belts[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B]



This timing belt has been accepted by motorsport enthusiasts of Japan for a number of years already. Because of an overwhelming reliability from increased heat resistance, improved flexibility and durability, the Power Enterprise Super Strong Timing Belt has been regarded as superior overr conventional belts. The Power Enterprise Super Strong's improved design is credited to the use of kelvar and the compounding of nylon fibers into sections of the belt that recieves the most tension. This, as a result, allows for the precise movements of the camshaft. The durability of the Super Strong is 2.6 times more durable and stronger than conventioinal belts. This product, by Power Enterprise, offers the strongest timing belt that the world has ever seen! Protect your engine with the quality and reputation of Power Enterprise![/COLOR]

[B]Part Number:
EJ20 & EJ25


At end of 2006, PWR introduced the further advanced Kevlar timing belt based on the feed backs sent to PWR from the engine builders of the world. In addition to the new Kevlar Timing Belt featureing zero stretching and being 2.6 times more durable compare to the original PWR Kevlar timing belt, an increase in heat resistance, and improvement in comformity to gears has resulted in surpressing unwanted osilations. This new improvement in conformity allows for the precise measure of camshafts.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Before New Improvements in 2006 (left) and After New Improvements in 2006 (right)[/COLOR][/B]


[SIZE="3"][B][COLOR="Red"]Priced to Move @
$160.00 Shipped![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

512.462.0125 x21
Aim: Kevin At Edo

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