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Edo Performance 09-29-2004 05:09 PM

Power Enterprise products
Power Enterprise Turbocharger Kit (Impreza A/R20) with separate actuatorm US$1470

Power Enterprise Injector Set
[IMG][/IMG] US$$100.80

Many engine fuel systems are electrically controlled. Multi Point Injection (MPI) system, for example, has injectors installed in each cylinder.

We offer two kinds of injectors, "top feed" and "side feed (bottom feed)" (cf. fig. 1). The number of injector nozzles depends on the specification of the engine.

DOHC 4 valve engine has two intake ports and often takes two injector nozzles. The reason is to avoid incomplete combustion caused by fuel mist hitting and crushing onto the wall of a intake port and flowing in drops.

The injector basically sprays fuel (150-200 microns) on the back of a valve head preventing fuel mist from hitting against the wall of any intake port (cf. fig. 2).

We designed and developed injectors for RB26 (normal one has one intake port.), 1JZ and 2JZ. Power Enterprise big capacity injectors realize not only high power output but also improved response time and cleaning of exhaust gas.

Direct product link with figures [URL=]HERE[/URL]

Power Enterprise Timing Belt for EJ20 (Impreza / STi)
[IMG][/IMG] US$165

Super strong timing belt was originallydeveloped by Power Enterprise.This reliable product has been known generally and used at many kinds of races since 1997.This timing belt is accepted for along time,because of an overwhelming reliable that to increase haeat resistance,to improve bending,and to increase durability.Then,we realized Super Strong U Timing Belt superior to conventional one. S.SU is improved transformation at fitting camshaft by compounding nylon fiver in the cogs. It causes to train camshaft exactly. The durability is 2.6 times over than conventioinal one. The pioneer of tuning belt (Power Enterprise) offers the strongest timing belt in the world,and protects your precious tuning gegine.

link to product ->[URL=]HERE [/URL]

Call in 512-462-0125 or mail [email][/email]
Reasonable negotiation welcome !!

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