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XRT 03-10-2007 09:14 AM

Oem Sti And Wrx Parts Availible(used)

I would like to let everyone know that if they are looking for used STI parts to swap into your WRX or you need to replace a part on your STI OR WRX, XRT now has access to those part. I can get entire engine kits that include the turbo, wiring harness, ect and entire drivetrain kits to do a 6-speed swap or just a used flywheel if your in a jam. The kits that are supplied are assembled so it is truly bolt on. Whatever your STI needs are XRT can answer. Only serious inquires as the market on these parts are always changing and the prices are so hard to predict. Whenever you ask for a price, I will have to contact my supplier and ask him for a price. Its kind of a pain in the butt , but Im excited to get a chance to offer these high demand parts to my customers.

The bolt on kits like a drain train swap include ( sorry if I miss some things)
-shifter assembly
-front axles
-hubs and brembo brakes! (We can keep you same bolt pattern for your wheels!)
-the rear diff , rear subframe, rear axles, hubs and brakes, and all rear suspension components , sway bar , lateral links, and trailing arms.

The bolt on engine kits include

-accesories on engine
-wiring harness
All you need to do is pull your engine and drop in the STI engine!
(and run a few wires)

PLEASE EMAIL [email][/email]
Thank You!


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