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Mach V Dan 08-17-2004 08:53 PM

Mach V Motorsports' New Shop!
Most of you probably know of us, but if you're new to the WRX community, I'll give you a little background. Then I'll tell you all about our new shop.

Mach V Motorsports was founded in 1998 to serve DSMers. We felt there was a need for a complete DSM parts source, and for some education about what performance parts did, how they worked, and what to put on your car when. It all started with a paper mail-order catalog (black and white, duplicated at Office Depot). Things grew from there...

Fast forward to today...a lot of businesses have come and gone, but we've stayed pretty busy the whole time. We opened a retail store in 2000, and expanded to a second warehouse in 2001. At the same time, Subaru finally imported the wicked WRX. Hallelujah! Since the turbo DSM's were discontinued after 1999, we'd been missing the presence of an AWD turbo car in our lives, and we quickly developed a huge catalog of WRX parts.

Now we've moved again, and finally we can answer "Yes!" to the inevitable question: "Can you install the parts you sell?"

In our new facility we are sharing space with Ultimate Peformance, an installation shop. The new place has a two install bays, a computerized alignment rack, and (last but not least) an AWD Dynojet. We can now offer our local customers full installation services of anything we sell, performance alignments, tire and wheel mounting and balancing, and just about anything else the customer wants!


We're very excited about our new location. Here's where it is:

[b]Mach V Motorsports
45064-B Underwood Lane
Sterling, VA 20166
(703) 435-5000[/b]

[url=]Here's a couple of maps[/url], drawn by yours truly. (Can you tell?)

If you do live in the area, keep your eye out for announcements about our dyno days. We're shooting for about once a month. You can get a good baseline dyno read on your car for an affordable price, in a fun and social atmosphere.

For those of you who are already customers, thanks for all your support over the years. For those who may be in the future, we look forward to doing business with you.

Mach V Motorsports

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