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Edo Performance 11-30-2006 05:19 PM

Holiday Sale: STi V-Limited Lips! Limited Supplies
Literally, limited supplies.

I have 4 Genuine V-Limited STi Lips in stock and for sale. These are the same lips on the 2007 STi Limited. These lips also come with the additional rubber lip to protect the actual lip when you bottom out.


[COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]$600.00 Shipped** [/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="darkorange"][B]$125.00 Shipped** [/B][/COLOR]for just the Rubber Lip (2 extra available, fits all V-Limited Lips)

**Extra shipping charge for Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico


I also currently have two remaining lips for the 06+ Spec C Lips for WRX/STi and two 05+ Legacy GT V-Limited Lips. I want all these gone so that I can clear up space for new inventory. I am offering the best price on these lips so that I can move these fast.

[B]06+ Spec C Lip (painted in WRB)[/B] - [COLOR="red"][B]$475.00shipped![/B][/COLOR]



[B]05+ Legacy GT V-Limited Lips[/B] - [COLOR="Red"][B]$475.00shipped![/B][/COLOR]


512.462.0125 x21

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