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TunerTools 02-20-2008 11:35 PM

Gizzmo Electronics - boost & launch controllers
Greetings from another new member and an advertising sponsor of the WRX Tuners forum.

[url=]Tuner Tools, llc[/url] is the North American distributor for [url=]Gizzmo Electronics[/url]. Actively seeking dealers for some of the best performance products around. It's a small line of rock solid equipment. See for details or pick your poison from one of the links below:
[LIST][*][url=]IBC Intelligent Boost Controller[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]MS-IBC Multi-Scramble Boost Controller[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]Tach Recall Shift Light[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]Launch Control Interface[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]Dual Stage Shift Light[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]CamFC VTEC/MIVEC Cam & Fuel Controller[/url][/LIST][LIST][*][url=]"KMon" Professional knock detection & monitoring system[/url][/LIST]
Besides the [url=]Gizzmo Electronics[/url] line, we're also a certified warehouse distributor for [url=]Innovate Motorsports[/url] and Drew Technologies; Manufacturer Direct Dealers for Diablosport, KSport, ScanGauge, ElmScan, OBD2 All-In-One, OBDpro, Injectronic, and MVP dealer for Superchips, Edge, MSD, & Racepack and we carry about 3 dozen additional lines not listed.


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