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wheelmax 07-31-2006 12:18 PM

feeler: group buy interest for AUGUST?
[size=24][color=red]GROUPBUY INTEREST?[/color][/size]

ok guys, i need to know how many people are actually interested in this groupbuy idea... tell me if you like how this sounds.

for the brands:


you can take off $100 per package, as opposed to saving 10% for just the community discount. THIS GROUP BUY WILL BE FOR PACKAGES ONLY, any purchase not for a package, will save the 10% community discount.

how to calculate your total.
1. put in your car info
2. search for the wheels
3. search your tires
4. deduct $100 from the total price in the shopping cart

THIS IS A BETTER DEAL THAN THE "SAVE UP TO $250 REBATE". because the rebate program thats on the website is based on a percentage... notice the banner says, "save UP TO $250" ... most of the time the phone salesman just calculate a cenrtain percent, like 5-8% on avg .. so feel lucky you're part of the community!!

what do you guys think? also, i would need about 5-10 people to participate..

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