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Boostbuddy 10-15-2008 02:02 PM Super Sale!
We found a few more BPM headers (O2 bung will need to be welded on -it is provided)

BPM header - $250 (buy using Paypal [email][/email])

BPM Up-pipe - $85 (buy using Paypal [email][/email])

BPM Header/Up-pipe combo - $316 shipped

[url=]BPM Header w/ Up-pipe Combo[/url]

BPM EVO Inlet Hose - $85 (buy using paypal [email][/email])
[url=]BPM Evo 8/9 SIlicone Turbo Inlet[/url]

BPM WRX/STI Inlet hose - $80 (buy using paypal [email][/email])
[url=]BPM Turbo Inlet hose[/url]

BPM TBE - $750 (this will fit all WRX/STI 2002-2007)
[url=] Product List[/url]

BPM Super Pack!!! - $1545 shipped (This is the ultimate package deal to get your Subaru moving!)
[url=]BPM Super Pack With Cobb AccessPort[/url]


Megan Black Back Full Exhaust - Only 8 left in stock
$536 shipped
[url=]Megan Racing WRX/STI Black Cat Back[/url]
[url=]Megan Racing Downpipe WRX/STI[/url]

Megan WRX Up-pipe $99
[url=]Megan WRX Up-pipe[/url]

Megan Racing Coil Overs $878 shipped! (this is for Track and Street series for a limited time) - Track series have Silver top-hats - Streets have the Purple top-hats
[url=]Megan Coil Over WRX and STI[/url]

2008 WRX Hatch Cat Back Exhaust - $465 shipped (this will work with the Megan DP)
[url=]2008 WRX Cat back 5 door[/url]

2008 WRX Sedan Cat Back Exhaust - $678 Shipped (this will work with the Megan DP)
[url=]2008 WRX Cat back sedan[/url]


There is much much more at [url=] Home Page[/url]

Feel free to call us or email us anytime!
[email][/email] - Nick4592 on AIM
[email][/email] - Wrxcolorado on AIM and Yahoo Messenger

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