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Boostbuddy 06-05-2006 03:47 PM

avoid boiling brake fluid on these hot summer track days with GS610
GS610 is formulated to perform under the most extreme braking conditions. Designed to withstand the high temperatures of braking GS610 qualifies as a professional racing brake fluid. GS610 is an obvious choice for club racing, performance upgrades and any application that demands superior braking. GS610 was created to extend your vehicle's ultimate braking performance threshold.

Extremely high boiling point - on par with the best silicone-based fluids
Low vapor rate virtually eliminates vapor lock in the braking system
Low hydroscopic nature (low tendency to absorb water from surrounding air) provides heightened resistance to corrosion and superior brake performance over a longer life cycle (ideal for both high performance and collector vehicles)
Extremely low compressibility for more consistent pedal feel and brake performance
GS610 Sponsorship Programs

Andretti Green Racing
Bryan Herta
Marco Andretti
Arie Luyendyk Jr.
Official Brake Fluid for Snap-on Stars of Karting
GS610 Dash for Cash

GS610 has a maximum tested Dry Boil Point or Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point (ERBP) of 626F (330C) with a Wet Boiling Point or Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point (Wet ERBP) of 417F (214C) which also greatly exceeds the DOT 4 requirement of 311F (155C).

This Month Only
$15 per bottle shipped to the continental US
PM for AK and HI

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