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Zullard 12-01-2003 08:28 PM

Autometer Triple Dash Pod & Perrin MBC / PSRS
New Perrin MBC and Perrin Power Steering Responce Systems:

Perrin MBC $90
Mounted underhood, It uses a custom rate spring and industry first ceramic ball bearing for lightening quick response! Range of adjustment exceeds 30 PSI and can be used on virtually any turbocharged car. Adjustments can be made is as little as 1/4 of 1 psi! Unique locking ring and clearly marked adjustments help prevent mistakes and ease adjustments on the go. Includes silicone tubing, connectors instructions etc.

Perrin Power Steering Responce System $171
Positive Steering Response system. Helps control and
eliminate unwanted body squat and dive under hard cornering and
acceleration. Modifies front end alignment and uses a spherical bearing
to control wheel wandering. A must have for any WRX with larger than
16" wheels. Gone are the days of the car attempting to wander from rut
to rut! Simple installation should not exceed 1 hour for most
experienced shadetree mechanics.

Go online or call to order 717-397-4637

Autometer Triple Dash pods also in stock $45 each!


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