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jaywrxwgn 12-23-2008 08:15 PM

Ft Hood/killeen Tx Subbies?
Is there any WRX crew or just hang out spot here in killeen TX,
im a 2002 WRX WGN Owner, looking for a good tuning shop to get my ride worked on, engine and all.

El Nino 12-27-2008 03:54 PM

Hi! Theres a few of us out here in Killeen, not as deep as the domestic side of the house but we r here. As far as tuning shops you gotta hit Austin. There was movement here by the best buy but some messed that up by street racing, no more meets since then. Im about to print some papers or something because there r more than 10 in Ft Hood that Ive seen so far.

blue03scooby 04-13-2009 04:54 PM

im stationed in ft. hood bought my bugeye before i deployed seen a few arround there but never talked to anyone about a meeting spot or cruises. im deployed right now but will be back arround jan 2010. would love to meet some other subie owners and start something up. as for tunning shops arround there, MZM in austin specializes in subies. deep stage is in killeen and can get you the parts and instal them but they are a little pricy, and i suggest you know what you are getting, from my experience with them they are not all that knowing on subies. my car is in cali getting work done. i met a guy there who specialisez in subies and is great. cobb tuning is reasonably close i think there in plano or somewhere arround there. but i suggest MZM if your looking for subie expertiese. hit me up if your interested in organizing a meet in killeen.

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