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Feffman 01-05-2009 06:29 AM

Midwest/Great Lakes Track Days - 2009
[b][center]Midwest Track Days (2009) – MVP Track Time[/center][/b]

Good Day All:

Just a quick note on MVP Track Time’s 2009 Midwest track days. We have the Midwestern Swing listed below:

[B]April 18-19: Putnam Park [COLOR="Green"]”Tax Freedom Track Weekend”[/COLOR] - [I]SOLD OUT! [/I]

June 1: Autobahn Country Club [COLOR="DarkRed"] (FULL 3.56 mile track)[/COLOR] - [I]SOLD OUT!
August 3: Autobahn Country Club II [COLOR="DarkRed"] (FULL 3.56 mile track)[/COLOR] - [I]SOLD OUT! [/I]

September 5-6: Blackhawk Farms [COLOR="Blue"]”No Hurricane Rain Track Weekend”[/COLOR] [/B]

Of course you can run at any of our track events. For more details, registration (both on-line and mail-in registration) and the balance of the 2009 schedule (VIR, Summit Point, Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta), visit us at [url=]MVP Track Time[/url].

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (314) 249-3770 or [email][/email]. Happy Motoring and I’ll see you at the track!


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