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2004 WRX 01-11-2011 11:41 PM

Anyone in eastern Iowa?
I am thinking about getting a tactrix cable and doing a stage 1 tune on my 2004 wrx. only the more i read about it i am just afraid of messing something up and screwing up my engine. im wondering if someone who has experience with opensource tuning could help me with a tune so i dont mess something up the first time i do it. I am from Iowa city but go to school in Cedar Falls, but am from Davenport so i spend alot of time their too. I would really appreciate some help if someone has the time. I appreciate your help !Thumbs Up


sccaia 01-12-2011 09:51 AM

I live in Central Iowa, I wouldn't do the tune yourself its a pretty long process. My brother and I have been doing the tune on his Scion TC. We basically just record logs of different phases of driving and then we send it off to some Toyota engineer we met. He is helping us for free and it is almost done, but it has taken about 2 mo so far to get all the small kinks knocked out. Your best bet is just saving up some cash and getting a new/used Cobb. Other than that we have like no pro-tuners in Iowa :(

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