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TurboMike 06-30-2005 03:12 PM

Time/Speed/Distance Gimmick Rally at Palisades Center: Sunday 7/17
A T/S/D rally with easy Gimmick instructions starting at the Palisades Center Mall in Nyack,NY (exit 12 on Thruway near Tappan Zee Bridge) on Sunday 7/17 put on by the Westchester Sports Car Club. Its a day rally with mild instructions (gimmick) with points based on time/speed/distance and hidden signs on the course. Registration at noon. $20 per car. Trophys per class. Novice class, husband/wife class, family class (more than two people in car).


Website and forum/message board for questions:

For those new to rallys:
A rally is a LOT of fun. Its driving down some great roads with great scenery while trying to figure out if you're totally lost or "on course", late or early, ready to kill your navigator or thank them for insisting on that last turn, or if you just blew by a SUNNY clue sign way too fast to figure out what it was. A strict gimmick rally has tricky instructions to see if you can make it to the end. A strict T/S/D has easy logical instructions to see if you can carry a perfect speed to the end and points are given based on how many seconds early or late you arrive from a perfect average speed (you need to correct for traffic, lights, Stop signs, speed limit changes, etc). This rally will be a combination with instructions that might get you lost once or twice and you need to get back on course and speed up back to your perfect average speed/distance. Points will be assessed based on your arrival at random checkpoints early or late from your average speed, and how many hidden clue signs you've written down. The faster you drive to correct a bad turn off course, the more clue signs you will miss. Instructions are to be interpreted based on the "General Instructions" given to you at registration.

The rally is on public roads. You must follow the road laws just as if you were going for a normal drive. Anything illegal you do is between you and the law (if he sees it). Any non-commercial vehicle will do (SUVs see everything better, but sports cars are more fun to drive). Every car must have a driver and a navigator. Penalty points are given for more than two people in a car (but you get lumped into family class for your own trophy). A pen and a full tank of gas are needed at the start , a clipboard for writing on the navigator's lap and a calculator are highly recommended.

Any questions, ask on the WSCC board.

See you there!

Nose Nuggets 06-30-2005 03:23 PM

sounds like a lot of fun.

i wouldent call it a rally. but it sounds cool

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