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shew 08-07-2007 08:23 AM

Calling all wv WRX's
Got moved, read post #8

rexxx 09-10-2007 10:53 PM

im down as long as im in. which is usually like every other weekend

btw i have those h-techs, ill get ahold of ya when i get into beckley

PltmreX 09-13-2007 01:10 AM

Hi i dont have my car but i could always try to steal my brothers. or if you let my jbody in on some action. and if anyone is in the parkersburg area contact me. All i have found at school are DSM guys.!Cry!

psinuse 10-22-2007 05:04 PM

Well i'm here in Belpre, Ohio which is right across from Parkersburg, WV. I'd be up for a something next Spring.

Vew 10-23-2007 09:24 AM

Just a reminder, the Morgantown, WV 3rd Annual Subaru Road Rally is this upcoming Saturday.

psinuse 10-23-2007 04:32 PM

I have to work plus my band has a halloween benefit show for the children shelter of West Virgina.

srt/wrx_bee 11-06-2007 08:52 AM

when are you wanting to do this,and can i bring my srt4

shew 01-31-2008 11:03 AM

Alright so heres the deal I know this thread has been dead for a while, but i'm gona bring it back and get this thing going.

I've started getting people together to get this meet off the ground.

Here's what I've got so far.

We want to get this thing together around the end of march and it will be on a weekend. So far the only two places that we have figured out to go is

1 make a trip up rt. 60 past gauley bridge and hit gauley mountain along the way.
2 take a short trip and go to kanawha state forest and get some good pics.

Either way I would like to get everyone together and see what we can make out of this. Even if you have a friend with a suby that is not a part of this site I would still like you to bring them along. The more the better.

That is about all I have. Please feel free to post away and give some suggestions.

[B]Alright here's the final info.[/B]

[B]Kanawha City, Hooters at noon on april 12th[/B]



psinuse 02-04-2008 06:34 PM

I'd be up for either one, I would probably have to take a day off if it was on a Saturday, but that's okay I don't really mind to much!Thumbs Up I figure the Kanawha State Forest would be a great idea, go take pictures hang out eat some grub, could even make it a cook out if possible...Keep me posted on what is happening with this.

AlphaLeader 02-06-2008 12:55 AM

Sounds good count me in!

96accord 02-06-2008 09:10 AM

I am in baltimore, md! :(

shew 02-13-2008 03:01 PM

I'd like to get as many subys as possible not just wrx's (we'll let you sti guys play too lol).

I would like to shoot for end of march beginning of april.

So far I've got 8 together and we've still got some time. If we need to make it later in the month we can just let me know and i'll try to schedule around everyones schedule.

So.... keep this bumped up and pm me if you need more info.


Vew 02-13-2008 05:13 PM

Last week of March is spring break for WVU.

PltmreX 02-14-2008 05:26 PM

welll add 2 wrx, me and my bro derek, a forester, bro patrick, and maybe a legacy, my mom. If you havent guessed by now i have a subie fanatic fanily

psinuse 02-19-2008 07:20 PM

So what is the deal with meeting up, anything coming up soon??

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