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05WagonGuy 06-25-2009 12:42 PM

2cnd Annual Scoobies for Autism Meet, August 1st, Winchester, VA
Hello fellow WRXtuners members. I am posting this for a friend who is the organizer of this meet. If you are interested please reply to this post or feel free to PM me. I will then pass along the information to Rick and get back to you with answers.

This is a charity meet to raise money for organizations that help children with Autism and their families. There will be several large sponsors donating raffle prizes and money. Along with food and t-shirts and hats for sale. For those of you coming from farther away, arrangements are being made with local hotels for discounts for anyone attending the meet.

If you are also a member of clubwrx or nasioc please look for the main thread advertising this meet and let Rogan know if you plan on attending.

Here is more information

Hi, all! It's our second annual event. Last year, we had a decent turn-out, despite the rain and storms. Plenty of raffle items were handed out, and hot dogs, burgers, chips and drinks were available. We had members from both NASIOC and ClubWRX, as well as VWVortex show up from as far away as New York, Ohio, Alabama, and Georgia! Some of this year's possibles are coming from as far as Oregon!

It's located in Winchester, VA, on Saturday, Aug.1, 2009. More specific details will follow, very shortly. This year, sponsors are already lining up, like DC Shoe, TrackDaze, and more!

It's all for a good cause. All proceeds to benefit Autism, specifically, an organization called Essential Pieces: a non-profit organization to help families who live within the Autism spectrum. Last year, we raised over $1000; this year, we'd like to beat that!

We'll be there from 10a-6p. Directions will follow shortly, as well as a list of hotels that will provide discounts for the Meet/Fund Raiser!

The grill will start getting hot around 11am!

Last year's prizes and sponsorship came from:

* *Trackdaze - [url][/url] - They donated a Weekend event certificate for their VIR event!
* *DCShoe - [url=]DC Shoes[/url] - They donated free pairs of shoes, T-shirts, hats, DVDs, Ken Block promo stuff, etc!
* *NASIOC - [url=]North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club[/url] - Hats, keychains, stickers, etc., were handed out
* *ClubWRX - [url][/url] - Hats, keychains, stickers, etc., were handed out
* *ARFabrication - [url=]AR Fabrication[/url] - (5) Free Dyno Session certificates were raffled off!
* *SPT - [url=]Subaru Enthusiasts | Subaru Performance Tuning[/url] - frisbees, stickers, Subaru LL Bean coolers, duffle-bags, etc., were raffled off
* *Various - Other items that were raffled off were: WRC Rallye R/C cars, models, t-shirts, and more!

We sold Tshirts, stickers, and gave SPT items with purchases!

A good time was had by all, so let's make the 2nd one even better!

Again, t-shirts will be available for purchase, and all food, etc., will be available. Donations are not mandatory, but suggested, as it goes for a great cause. All profits to benefit Autism support!

For those of you who have heard of Autism, but aren't sure what it is:

What are Autism Disorders?

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), also known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDDs), cause severe and pervasive impairment in thinking, feeling, language, and the ability to relate to others. These disorders are usually first diagnosed in early childhood and range from a severe form, called autistic disorder, through pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), to a much milder form, Asperger syndrome. They also include two rare disorders, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder.

The autism spectrum disorders are more common in the pediatric population than are some better known disorders such as diabetes, spinal bifida, or Down syndrome. A recent study of a U.S. metropolitan area estimated that 3.4 of every 1,000 children 3-10 years old had autism. The earlier the disorder is diagnosed, the sooner the child can be helped through treatment interventions. Pediatricians, family physicians, daycare providers, teachers, and parents may initially dismiss signs of ASD, optimistically thinking the child is just a little slow and will “catch up.”
All children with ASD demonstrate deficits in 1) social interaction, 2) verbal and nonverbal communication, and 3) repetitive behaviors or interests. In addition, they will often have unusual responses to sensory experiences, such as certain sounds or the way objects look. Each of these symptoms runs the gamut from mild to severe. They will present in each individual child differently. For instance, a child may have little trouble learning to read but exhibit extremely poor social interaction. Each child will display communication, social, and behavioral patterns that are individual but fit into the overall diagnosis of ASD.
Children with ASD do not follow the typical patterns of child development. In some children, hints of future problems may be apparent from birth. In most cases, the problems in communication and social skills become more noticeable as the child lags further behind other children the same age. Some other children start off well enough. Oftentimes between 12 and 36 months old, the differences in the way they react to people and other unusual behaviors become apparent. Some parents report the change as being sudden, and that their children start to reject people, act strangely, and lose language and social skills they had previously acquired. In other cases, there is a plateau, or leveling, of progress so that the difference between the child with autism and other children the same age becomes more noticeable.

Possible Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders

* Does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age
* Does not speak one word by 16 months
* Does not combine two words by 2 years
* Does not respond to name
* Loses language or social skills

Some Other Indicators

* Poor eye contact
* Doesn't seem to know how to play with toys
* Excessively lines up toys or other objects
* Is attached to one particular toy or object
* Doesn't smile
* At times seems to be hearing impaired

More can be read here:
[url=]NIMH · What Are the Autism Spectrum Disorders?[/url]
and here:
[url=]Autism Speaks, Be Informed, What is Autism, An Overview[/url]

If you are planning to attend, please post up here, and PLEASE! Keep this on topic!

05WagonGuy 06-30-2009 10:29 AM

Yeah we know about the MachV meet that same day. I was actually planning on going to it until i found out about this meet. So far we have about 20 people coming at the moment. Rick usually gets a lot of people from out of the area to come. So it should still be a good turn out.


05WagonGuy 07-14-2009 12:43 PM

Here is an update to the Autism meet. The following is the park that it will be held at and one hotel that will be giving a discount for attendees

Meet will be held in Jim Barnett Park, Winchester, VA
[url=]Google Maps[/url]

HOTEL giving us a discount:

Days Inn
2951 Valley Ave
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 667-1200

$49 + tax, if you mention SCOOBIES for AUTISM

regular price = $64.95
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