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scheer87 01-16-2010 04:29 PM

Travis AFB / Fairfield, CA meet
Really just want to start a thread just to see what would happen. My wife and I just moved to Fairfield and am stationed at Travis AFB. I would love to do a lil weekly/monthly meet and occasional cruise. I have seen a lot of subbies on base and always give the double honk and wave. I am the white bugeye with the white wheels. (they are quite dirty but they are white underneath all that dirt). white on white.

Who: All members here are invited, but bring a guest - a gf/wife, a friend with another car, whatever.

Where: I am not currently sure where the meet should take place. An open parking lot at some grocery store type. This is up to the group so post suggestions.

When: Time and day of the week should also be agreed on by as many people in the group as possible. Would prefer it be a weekend day. Even though I know everyone has crazy schedules.

I would like the meet to go like this:

Show up, meet and talk with every one. We eat. Following dinner or lunch, we head out and do a little drive around. The cruise section we could only do once a month or something. Probally not weekly for that section but as everything else up to decide.

So post up suggestions times, places, places to cruise. And lets get this thing started!

thack03 01-17-2010 03:33 AM

check [url=]Sacramento & Reno - i-Club[/url]
in meetings, events, and group streaking I think theres some good meets going, or post up there. Its better for the norcal area, is way better for getting any kind of help because the people on here know these cars and can always help in some way, but for local stuff check the link

bugeye02 02-27-2013 11:39 PM

I live in lake county Ca about 1 hr 20 min north of fairfield i been looking for some meets but havent found any out here let me know when you guys meet up willing to drive out there

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