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beaurheaume 06-20-2007 09:33 PM

Sad way to start a new life
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Got out of the ARMY in Feb and took a trip to Kansas the Iowa. Started my trip in TX. Imagine all the driving I did before I even left Iowa(its where th actuall trekk home to Cali started). Had planned on paying off the STi when I made it home.Sooo....

I really enjoy driving and as long as I am wearing a good pair of shorts and sandals(which I dont wear while driving, gives me better feel of the car) I can drive for..well for as long as the gas holds out.


I left earlier than I had left any of the previous places. So I was refreshed and rearing to go. W
ell not rearing to go just eager to get it over with so I could do some relaxing and visiting in California. So I had been driving for about 9 hours. I was wide awake despite the fact that is was getting late(after 10:30 pm). I was still running on Cali time so I was Wide awake. I had stopped for some food bout an hour or more back and had a sandwich leftover that I was contemplating eating at the next rest stop or major city. Whichever I came across first. I had passed several a while back but I was neither hungry nor tired so I decided id wait until I hit Cheyanne. It was only bout and hour or a alittle more away. I will admmit I had a creepy feeling driving on Interstate 80-W. So I called Jeanna( ok I realize I have made several refferences to her with no explanation. She is Josh's gf and she is a dang cool person!). We talked for a while, yes I was using a head set, nothing in particular but I figured she would be bored with Josh in boston or maine or seomthing like that. plus she works late so I knew shed be up. It was getting on to be 11pm and I was done talking so I said my goodbyes and hung up. Kept going just waiting for a rest stop or a city to pop up so I could stop. I was kinda getting a wierd creepy feeling and I was driving all by myslef. I dont just mean I was the only person in the car. I was by myself on the highway. There was the occasional trucker going east but nobody going west but me for as long as i could see in front of me, and nothing in the rear view mirror. Just seemed creepy to me. Here I am in the middle of nowhere with nobody around me and no way outta here if something happens. Not to mention all the crazy stories of truckers/hitchhikers doing maniacle things to lone travelers ( i dont pick em up but still).

I was to the point where I wanted to turn on my highbeams so that i oculd see a little better. I could see no trucks comig for a ways out. It was Nebraska so I could see quite a ways out. I have those HID lights on my car. The super brite almost look blue and super brite when you see someone coming at you who has them. plus I can angle my headlights up and down. At full up tilt I think the angle is roughly the same as the highbeams. So I could see wuite a ways off in the distance. the only thing the reguar lights do not illuminate to my satisfaction is the sides of the road. my highbeams do though as they are a different style of light.

I was just considering putting on the high beams to better see a deer on the side of the road. I have had a previous encounted with a deers before but there was no impact involved and they were in the middle of the road. Plus I had passengers and an empty road. So the highs had illuminated them long before it was too late to brake. That was a situation I was trying to at the least re-enact. Sadly I was too late. A deer jumped out into the road about 15 feet from me. Travelling somewhere between 75and 80 MPH I had not time to stop.

So what do I do. try to brake? He Had stopped to stare at my headlights. Not enough room to brake. Ram him and hope for the best? I have a friend who recently did so and totalled his truck. A truck... Im driving a tuner car. Subarus have amazing impact ratings. There is however the fact that the deer can come through the weindshield and kill me if I ram him. Yes he can also go over but im a low seated car I was not willing to risk it. So what does that leave me?? Swerving. not the greatest option at 75mph(i had slowed downt some by this point) but the safest one, in my mind, at this point. So I swerved. It had to be a steep angled turn wich I was not comfortable with, but neccesary. When I counter steered to maintain control of the car the rear end swung out and hit the grass in the median(which was angled downward). My trunk was packed full. I mean full theres almost no room for anything to move around. So the rear end of my car had some wieght behind it to swing out.
I may not be a rally racer but I tried to do some of that stuff in my car. Not smart but it sure came in handy here. I had started to hit the barkes shortly after swerving away from the deer. Disk brakes on all 4 wheels will only slow you down so much. Countersteering is a life saver in a sideways slide. the problem came when the rear wheels hit the road again. I rocketed forwads when they did and went to the shoulder. The shoulder on this road is about 8-9 feet long but its angled almost imediately at 40-45 deg angle. So I held the car failry well down the slope. The car swung to the oppsite direction at teh bottom of the hill. naturally I coutersteered. I felt that although the whole situation was under control I had at least controll of the movement of the car. Rally drivers slide all the time. This I had practiced. All I needed was to slow the speed of the car to somethign more reasonable. I Had enough of control over the car to realize that I could ragin control. Doent make much sense I know.

This i sthe point where I lost control. I know you are thinking I got over confident or over did something on the car but I think you are wrong. This is the point where terror truly struck me.
The Car rolled sideways. Boy did it roll too. I think the ;ack of controll is what was the most terrifying. All I could do was grip the steering wheel and try to keep my head from hitting or shattering the window. I had no fear of the steering wheel as I was rolling somewhat sideways. I remember rolling 2 times but I became a lil disorriented after the second i believe there was at least another roll but possibly 2 more. At the point te car stopped rolling I was just happy I was alive. I will admit in hindsight that I was a little in shock.

I was scrammbling in the back seat for something. Hell I wasnt even sure what I was scrambling for. Got out the car grabbed my sandals. Realized I had no Idea if my phone was in the car or not. The rear right and rear windows had both shattered. It looked like other than my backpack, which was up front, everything inside the car was gone. My GPS, wallet, phone, pillow, sweater, everything. Behind the passenger seat was dirt level with the rear seat. I dug down figuring to find something anything down there even if it was just the gps but Ifigured to check the car first for the phone. I scrammbled in and under the front seat with no luck. The dirt had to be the only place inside the car left to hide.

Bingo. Cell phone, with coverage. Call 911. Everything is ok on my cept I dont know what the last mile marker I passed was. I had found my GPS and gave her the coordinates off of it. She called back telling me they were wrong and could I see a mile marker. Nope but I felt whole and no spinal discomfortsa or pains. I told her I would walk down and find one. While talking to her I had opened the trunk and gotten out a pain of pants and some shoes and some socks. A blanket in case I started to go into shock and some stuff to raise my feet onto help with the schock(if necesary). It was abismally cold so i also grabbed a sweater. Put the shoes and socks on as my feet were starting to feel a little numb and i didnt need frostbite on top of any injuries i may not be feeling due to the adrenaline. Walked down bout 1/2 mile and found it called her back and decided to head over and see what i could salvage out from what had been inside the car. Amazingly almost everything inside the car survived and was near by. Police showed up and got my info and i put some stuff in back of the car. Ambulance showed up 1-2 mins afterward. Neck brack and back board and a short trip later I was in the hospital. Now if this had been a frontal impact and I felt as good as i did I would not have asked for x-rays but after this I was not prepared to take any risks. Hell I would pay for the whole thing outta my pocket if neccesarry. X-rays are good and I am safe to go.

Saw the car the next day to get my stuff out of the trunk. Car looked horrible! I am ever so grateful that I am alive and believe that the car is part of the reason. Looking at it I have figured that the wheels on the right side came off, onto the axle. The rims digging into the ground is probably what caused the care to roll. Talking to the insurance lady a lil bit ago I also snapped the right rear axle and the total dmage topside is estimated at 18k and she hasnt included the axle or any dmage underside yet. I urge you to check out the pictures if you are intersted. Also if you want a super safe car buy a Subaru! I love my Subaru and will be looking to buy another one here when the insurance check comes in.

Happy to be Alive and loving life.

P.S. got a new one now check out my pics too see the new STi

wrx3r 06-20-2007 09:42 PM

just wow. glad you are ok.

is it just me or do subaru wrx just beg to be hit by things? no offense my first wrx got smashed too

baller_v24 06-21-2007 01:18 AM

damn, talk about suck. glad you're ok. i have been in a rollover and i know it sucks ass. all i got out of mine was a sprained thumb from the steering wheel and it was in a neon. my head never hit the airbag nor the roof that was caving in. it didn't completely rollover, it just rolled over on it's top and slid about 20 yards. im kind of a fan of safety ratings after that wreck.

Big B 06-21-2007 02:10 AM

damn dude thats bad glad ## ok though

Speedogomer 06-21-2007 08:38 AM

This probably is the single longest thread I have ever read.

Glad you're ok. Theres been alot of wrecked WRX's lately on here.

I hit a deer with my car once, going about 50 mph. Only had $900 of damage, most of it was the headlight, and a very small dent on the hood.

robert.lshoc 06-21-2007 11:09 AM

you guys with all these wrecked wrxs are making me nervous I am driving from cali to oklahoma in the morning hopefully it is a safe trip

dremers 06-21-2007 11:45 AM

yes this was a long thread but worth the read.

the only thing i can say is this. when you got the weird feeling. should have been when you slowed down man. i remember getting that feeling last fall when i was heading to work and not even five minutes later a pack of deers were on the road i was traveling down. all i could do was stop so they could move.

i am happy that you are alright though.

jerseyman201 06-21-2007 08:49 PM

That wasn't a real deer. I have heard word that it was actually a motorized deer controlled by Mitsubishi of America lol. Glad your alright man. I used to be an EMT and my first call was a rollover for a subaru forester. next day subaru impreza (regular) and my captain told me he's seen so many accidents and the ones that had subaru had a higher percentage of people walkin around outside their cars then n e others hes seen.

ArmyWRX 06-30-2007 12:57 PM

my grandparants live on Mount Hood and my grandpa has gotten at least a deer or two a year.... all they own are subies exsepet there 2007 GMC3500 to tow there 5th wheel.... in there old subie he taged 4 or 5 deers and the insurance paid to fix it afte the 3rd and 5th ones lol.... subies are deer magnets.... if you cant stop for em aim of one end or the other.... better than a tree ditch or rollin....

beaurheaume 05-18-2008 05:15 PM

yeah thats what ive learned now :P

Chase 05-19-2008 01:13 AM

Mitsubishi Robots. Thats awesome. I'M GLAD you're ok. What a story.

Nose Nuggets 05-19-2008 10:43 AM

glad everyone is ok. shame about the car, but hey; its just a car. best thing to do when you see deer is honk honk honk. brakes their concentration on the headlights, however @ 15 feet probably would not have made that big of a difference.

if you want my opinion on what you did wrong, im happy to give it. however you might be over it at this point.

NukeFusion 05-19-2008 11:45 AM

In all my experiances honking doesn't work very well. But glad you're okay man.

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