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j.lewis.phot 07-17-2009 02:03 PM

Looking for 2004 or newer STI for Photo Shoot, preferrably White

I'm a photographer in Sacramento and I'd like to do a photo shoot of a 2004 or newer WRX STI, preferably a white one. I'm a young photographer, still building my portfolio, but my work is very high quality and professional. If anyone is interested, please contact me with a picture of your vehicle.

The shot I have in mind is an outdoor night shot, with a large overseas shipping container in the background (very industrial looking). The location I'd like to use if I can get permission is at a studio I used to work for, which has an 8' fence around the parking lot, so it would be very secure (for both your vehicle and my equipment).

I'm a college student and can't really afford to pay (at least not very much), but I could give you copies of the final images, which should be very cool.

If interested please contact me. I hope this doesn't sound bootleg or anything, it's really not. I can show samples of my work and my website so you know I'm legit, but this will be my first time photographing a car.


- Josh Lewis
(916) 616-7150

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