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Jmoney007 09-15-2003 01:52 AM

De-viginize the forum
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I'm taking this oppertunity to start ## own meet. This way I know how serious this national meeting is. If I can organize a meeting in three months , before the end of the year, I'll be good for the natoional meet. I volunteer , from past experience, buttonwillow raceway . It centerally located in california, next to bakersfield off the 99. I've driven my old civic on the race track and it rules. This would be a cali/nevada/arizona meet. Any members that would like to voice up about this possible future meet please speak up. If you have never raced your car, or a fast car period on a race course, I highly recomend it. Its sooooo much fun. Plus, they have a huge fair/park grass area, perfect for a show, there are hotels/,motels near by, its only like sub 4 hours from l.a., sub 4 hours bay area, 6 hours san diego/6 ish vegas.
week days of course WILL BE CHEAPER. THIS WILL COST MONEY TO DO. RACING ISN"T CHEAP. SHIT, just my bar tab will be expensive.

Jmoney007 09-15-2003 01:54 AM

pic #2
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Jmoney007 09-15-2003 01:55 AM

pic #3
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This is the BIG DADDY

soulagent9 10-04-2003 12:04 PM

Sounds killer........
I don't know how many responses you have gotten for this idea but it sounds killer. I'm in Vegas and would do the trip in heartbeat. I have only seen a handful of Subies here in town but I know acouple of them and they would be down. Also I have a couple of buddies in O.C. that would come out.
If you need help organizing it, let me know.

Jmoney007 10-04-2003 12:11 PM

what up.... I'm in vegas from monday to wednesday.... give me a call and we can meet up somewhere.... later

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