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Erlend 03-31-2008 09:25 PM

War of the Hoses! (Samco IC Hose Kit)

This all started after a call to Harman Motive in regards to me finally tuning my girl. I was talking about where my bottlenecks would be, and it became clear that my stock IC was the main sink in my performance when I get my car tuned. I decided to postpone my tune, purchased an STi IC from Ebay and a Samco IC hose kit from the awesome Chris at

Long story short... IC went on great, hoses fit awesome... that was untill I went to install the new BPV hose... !Cry!

I had read all the posts stating how much of a b!tch this thing is to get off, but nothing prepared me for the hell that is the stock C-Clamps that the WRX come with.
After two hours of prying and moving all over the engine trying to get a grip on the damn clamp I decide to go with the old motto... "If at first it dont work... get a bigger tool". Out comes my trusty dremel and in a hail of sparks my face twists into a grin which widens into a full on mad devil laugh as I see the red hot sparks of metal start to fly. Seconds later the pesky C-Clamp is on the floor in two pieces and the stock recirc hose is off and remarkably untouched.
I figure everything is gravy at this point, but no...
I mock up the !NEW AND IMPROVED! Samco recirc hose and imediately think WTF this doesn't look right... Not only does it seem a tad short, but the bend that allows it to clear the throttlebody does not seem sharp enough. I figure, HEY... what does a n00b like me know right... I only took 5 years of automotive mechanics, the people at samco must know more then me right... but no...

2 hours later...
I have now tried every possible configuration of this damned Samco recirc hose and no friggin go! There is simply not any possible way for me to manage to clear the throttle body without putting a serious kink in the hose and still mate the BPV to the STi Intercooler. GO SAMCO! My hands have a million little cuts and scrapes from where I have tried to move the hose around to make it fit.

After about 4-5 hours of fiddeling with this damn thing I have achieved nothing but to remove the stock c-clamp and replace it with some better clamps, as for the new, better flowing, stronger samco hose... WTS Samco Recirc hose is all that I can say.

Has anyone installed a Samco Recirc hose on a stock WRX turbo and stock WRX BPV and managed to hook it up to the IC? I dont see how this is possible without actually impeeding airflow thanks to the major kink that comes from pressing against the throttlebody.

BAH! :mad:

impreza2.0 05-11-2009 05:43 AM

If you drive a WRX and bought an STi kit, there's your problem right there. The STi has a larger intercooler core, and it sits about 1.5" higher than the one in the WRX. It is this angled joint between the intercooler and the manifold that causes this difference, which I am sure you have already figured out. Samco would most likely tell you to return the kit for the correct sizes. There is a chance that some of the other hoses in your kit are not ideal in length and diameter, also. The Samco kit was designed by removing the OEM tubing and creating duplicates. Your kit should have been a 1hr swap job with no troubles at all. Samco does have a service line and eMail address... I highly recommend discussing this issue with their techs before continuing the upgrade. Your intercooler and MAF tubes are the number one choker of the overall system, you are in the right place for improvement. Do this right, and other mods will be much easier to cope with. Samco is arguably the best hose manufacturer around, and unless you want to pay 5 times their cost, you really won't do much better. Take pictures. Samco won't be confused with your issue if you show them pics. We could also analyze your issue closer with pics.

nagyhead 05-11-2009 09:31 AM

i have the perrin hoses and the BPV one didnt really fit under the throttle body either, it has a little kink in it as well.

VD5505 05-11-2009 01:44 PM

to fix the kink you can always put a hose clamp where the kink is and tighten it down and it will take the kink out alot.

impreza2.0 11-04-2009 05:35 AM

I had this same issue, and I am presently waiting for the parts to get it right.

The Samco hose for the BPV is exactly right for your car if you have a stock intercooler (meaning that you drive a WRX with a WRX intercooler, or an STi with an STi intercooler, nothing swapped). It will also only work with your OEM valve. The factory valve has a knuckle joint that allows the valve to be installed last with a little slack/room to move it, and to keep stress off the hose.

The parts I ordered are a 1" 90 degree elbow, a 1" 45 degree elbow, and a 1" hose coupler. I am waiting for them because they are being made at Samco, and are hopefully going to be prototype for Impreza options. The option to use an aftermarket IC or BOV/BPV should come with these hoses, and changing them to make them work is never as good as having them made to shape the first time around.

The coupler and one of the elbows will be used to install this hose, the elbow and coupler are going to be used to extend the valve-side of the hose so that it will mate up to my aftermarket bypass valve. It will also allow me to create a longer and more sharply angled joint in the future, when a larger IC gets installed in my car. Meanwhile, the Samco hose, a 1" coupler, and a 45 degree 1" silicone dogleg will make a smooth and round passageway for valve-spent air.

When these parts are assembled, I'll snap a few pics of them on the way to being built, then complete, so that it will be easy to copy this. I looked at all of the options of having this done in some custom fashion, and there is nothing economically viable. $400 to build this hose from scratch. My method is about $180 cheaper, if you included the IC kit in the price of this piece, even more.

I am definitely looking forward to finishing this project. I hope it helps you folks to get your intercooler running at maximal efficiency!

EDIT: Forge MotorSport and GFB (GoFastBits) offer Bypass Valves with the 45 degree knuckle, those fit like OEM parts and do not require customizing your hoses.

ange062 09-03-2010 11:23 AM

To resurrect an old thread, I just went through this same debacle last night. A supposed 30-min tops job turned into 5-hrs of frustration and misery.

I posted the whole process up over at NASIOC:
[url=]Samco Intercooler hose kit install problems - NASIOC[/url]

TCS209 is the wrong kit. The BOV recirc hose that is too short is for the older model car that has a throttle linkage. The hose doesnt fit the newer models that have a servo actuated throttle body.

Correct NEW kit is TCS292, it's only 3-pieces. Part number for BOV hose alone is TB-3343.

OLD kit is TCS209, it's 4-pcs.

Hope that helps other's avoid the same problems, I wasted 5-hrs last night! :mad::mad::mad:

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