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man show 05-16-2011 01:16 PM

Turbo XS TMIC on my 2007 WRX
I just installed a Turbo XS TMIC on my 2007 WRX and I thought I would share my experience with it.

The fitment is almost physically perfect. It really could not be much better. It bolts up on top of the engine in the factory location exactly as it should. The only minor issues I experienced with the fitment were (1) one of the vertical aluminum tubes near the top right corner of it was too close for comfort, so instead of protecting it with a piece of rubber hose, I gently bent the line toward the firewall with my hand and now there's plenty of clearance everywhere, and (2) there isn't a place to attach the two black metal lines that run across the front of it, so I had to get creative with some zip ties, but it's securely out of the way.

Something else that completely doesn't matter is that I wasn't able to symmetrically line up the T-bolt clamps on the silicone coupler between the TMIC and intake manifold, but I didn't try very many different configurations, so it might be possible to do that... I was just in too much of a hurry to get the thing installed so one bolt is facing one direction and the other is facing another. Everything is properly sealed though (I'm hitting about the same boost numbers as before, according to my Prosport electric boost gauge).

I have a stock STi hood scoop air splitter and bellows and that lines up almost perfectly with it too. When the hood is closed, there is plenty of clearance between the metal splitter part and the top of the TMIC. The rubber bellows rest perfectly on the top of the TMIC too, making a nice seal around it. My only issue is that one single row of fins on the very right-most side of the TMIC are outside of the rubber, so they won't catch any air, but every other row is almost completely exposed to incoming air.

I had to unbolt the two metal parts of the stock Y pipe and reuse them with the silicone Y piece that came with the kit. I, however, was unable to reuse any of the stock gaskets because they are somewhat of a "donut" style and the connections call for a "flat" style gasket, so I made my own gaskets using a sheet of air/water gasket material I picked up from my local auto parts store for both the "Y-pipe to TMIC" seals and the "stock BPV to TMIC" seal. I put a little liquid gasket material on both sides of the gaskets I made to ensure a tight seal. Not really a big deal, but it's just a couple of extra dollars that I didn't know I would have to spend.

The silicone parts are SO much easier to connect to the turbo and the intake manifold, it's just silly. The stock plastic Y pipe was always a pain to get on the turbo, but I won't have to worry about that any more. I'll just have to be careful not to rip the silicone, but that shouldn't be an issue.

The Turbo XS TMIC is significantly heavier than the stock WRX TMIC. Not really a big deal either, but just something to be aware of. I was sort of surprised. It makes sense though - it's physically larger and doesn't have any plastic on it - it's all metal.

So far, it's also compatible with my Cobb Stage 2, 93 Octane off-the-shelf map. I've taken it to WOT several times now and the car hasn't thrown any CELs, but I'm still planning on getting a protune for that and some other goodies at IAG as soon as I can get scheduled.

I couldn't figure out what the plastic T fitting or the clear tube that came with the kit were for. The kit description said they were included if you needed to modify anything, but I didn't need them for anything.

I was worried about being able to reach the transmission fluid dip stick underneath it, but that won't be an issue. I can still reach the dip stick without having to remove the TMIC and I'll use the same funnel with a long, flexible hose that I used before to add fluid... no problem.

Overall, it's an excellent product for a reasonable price and I'd recommend it to anyone !Thumbs Up

turmic 05-16-2011 10:15 PM

Just because you don't get a CEL light doesn't mean that is all fine and dandy. Your charge is definatly cooler than the stock WRX IC and your boost drop across the I/C is definatly different also. So, its something you can skate by on. But, you are already planning on getting it tuned. I'm just saying its not totality safe to keep it the way you have it.

man show 05-19-2011 12:52 PM

Agreed. Everything will be taken care of shortly.

I just wanted to express how happy I was that the install went so smoothly.

turmic 05-19-2011 09:23 PM

It sounds like a piece of cake. I had to curse a few times the first time I installed my Perrin TMIC.

man show 05-20-2011 09:04 AM

Yeah, compared to the stock TMIC, the Turbo XS unit was surprisingly very easy to install - all aspects considered (physical size, weight, T-bolt clamps, silicone piping, having to make my own gaskets, slightly altering several lines). I was under the impression that because it was so large, I would experience some serious fitment issues that would result in some cursing and creative problem solving, or maybe a significant time delay while waiting for other parts to arrive, but that wasn't the case.

On the same day that I installed the TMIC, I also installed a Grimmspeed ported/polished/ceramic coated exhaust manifold w/ high flow crosspipe and I intend to install a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump some time before the tune. On the day of the tune, I intend to have IAG install a Grimmspeed 3 port ebcs. That's my plan for now anyway.

I called IAG to schedule a pro tune and they're booked for about a month or so, but cancellations do occur and I'm on their waitlist so I'll be driving my car pretty easy until they can squeeze me in. Although the Cobb AccessPORT off-the-shelf Stage 2 map notes only call for a TBE, my personal impression is that my car will run just fine with the larger TMIC and modified stock exhaust manifold (and hopefully the fuel pump too) as long as I take it easy.

[U]I want to reiterate that it is NOT perfectly safe to install such parts and drive around without being specifically tuned for them.[/U] In a perfect world, I would have contacted IAG first to schedule a tune and then installed the parts shortly before it, but I'm impatient and this is the way it worked out :)

RcrsWetDream 05-20-2011 10:33 AM

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Don't worry, I ran untuned on PnP exhaust mani/crossover, Perrin TMIC, Perrin CAI with out any issues. Car still runs great and held boost targets before the tune as it did after.

Now when I put the DP on and gave it gas one time..... Well hello fuel cut. It was worth a try.

man show 05-20-2011 12:38 PM

Yeppers... you read my mind.

Goal for 2011 = be satisfied with Stage 2.5-3 and pay the car off.

Goal for 2012 = larger turbo + injectors + another tune (tax refund should help with that).

Thanks for the reassurance about running my mods untuned. I got on it several times just to see what would happen and I'm pretty sure I hit fuel cut too along with some significant wastegate flutter (I think that's the sound I was hearing). Gonna take it easy now for a while.

Did you have those goodies on a completely stock tune or a Stage 2 tune?

turmic 05-20-2011 06:41 PM

Yeah, chris was on a stock tune. John, you will be fine because you're not keeping it that way. If you left it that way for a long time it'd be a bad idea.

dwoodward2989 04-14-2012 02:46 PM


BLAZE2099 04-14-2012 03:52 PM

^ nope, and I did mine today, not saying nobody else has though.
And P.S. get a new keyboard, yours keeps leaving period stains everywhere.

man show 04-14-2012 09:47 PM

I had no issues either. Make sure all of your connections are good and tight. And yeah, what's with all the periods? That was incredibly hard to read.

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