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mfarnham 08-13-2010 05:10 PM

swapping ebcs's
I have a prodrive 3 port ebcs installed and tuned for on my car. If I installed a grimmspeed ebcs instead, would I need to get retuned?

Smokin'Joe 08-13-2010 11:58 PM

That's a great question for your tuner. I don't know specifically what the difference is although they should act pretty much the same according to the pressure they see. Not worth the chance of over boosting though. I went with the Grimmspeed because that's what my tuner likes in comparison to alot of others (which he still tunes anyways, just preference) and is ultra fast at dialing in so he has more time to mess with timings and such. He's the guy I trust. You'd be best to speak with your's IMHO.

turmic 08-24-2010 08:29 PM

Yeah, I agree with Joe. The Perrin is it set-up in 3 port mode or 2 port? Slow or Fast responce mode?
If its in 3 port might be safe, but the tuner would know best.

thack03 08-24-2010 11:05 PM

Turmic-What's Perrin?
OP check with your tuner, they know best on things like this

Chase 08-25-2010 12:10 AM

[quote=thack03;249420]Turmic-What's Perrin?
OP check with your tuner, they know best on things like this[/quote]

It's a brand of BCS. They are actually a big aftermarket supporter of Subaru. This is just one of many aftermarket parts they make.

thack03 08-25-2010 02:43 AM

I know what Perrin is, sorry that was bad wording on my part. I meant where had the OP mentioned a Perrin ebcs I thought it was prodrive to grimmspeed. Hope that clarifies what I meant

turmic 08-26-2010 10:08 PM

Opps....Thanks thack. I thought he said a perrin ebcs. I don't know how different the prodrive and the Grimmspeed 3 port are. But, my tuner recommends both.

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