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Methanol Injection install :: a work in progress.

Here are some pics during my install of my Snow Performance Stage II Methanol Injection kit.

At first, I was a little concerned that there might not be enough room in the front to house both the 2 quart container, the controller and the pump. But after I took out the intake silencer, everything seemed to fit perfectly in the engine bay. Actually, the pump needed to be the lowest to the ground with respect to the container and where the metanol gets injected to the intake. So, I put it in the same spot where the intake silencer was. It is outside of the actual engine bay, but fits perfectly in that small compartment by the right front wheel well.

With regard to the 2 quart container, I could have used the windshield washer container, but I wanted to keep that fluid seperate from what I was going to be putting in front of my throttle body. And with my aftermarket intake, there was ample room to mount the methanol container. Nice!

Once the initial holes were drilled and the container and pump mounted, I ran the hose to and from the pump, and cut the excess hose with a razor blade. The hose snapped in to their respectable places with ease. I followed this with a sloppy dose of household Goop whereever the hose met the pump and container.

After those were in, I enjoyed a Diet Dr. Pepper.

When the drink was finished, I loosened the two main bolts to the intercooler as well as the screws connecting the intake pipes to their respective hoses. Once that was done, I slipped off the small hose that goes to the throttle body. I drilled a small enough hole in it with a household electric drill so that squeezing the nozzle into the whole would be extremely difficult. After some more cussing and drilling, I was able to get the nozzle into the hole of the hose. I put the hose back onto the intercooler, and tightened everything up. Then I attached the hose from the pump to the nozzle, followed by a good dose of Goop.

I drank another Diet Dr. Pepper. Followed by a cup of coffee.

The controller was easy to mount, I put it right on top of the fuse box... giving me easy access to the dials controlling the injection time.

Injection is controlled by the boost coming from my turbo. I still need to install the t-fitting and a hose going to my controller. Then, I am off to an old airstrip to StreetTune my car.

So this post will be continued...

My car on jack stands; intake silencer is out on the sidewalk.

The pump was mounted inside the wheel well. The old location of the intake silencer... or whatever you call that thing. I am going to have to edit this post and put 'offical' names to all of these things I talk about.

Here is the container. Lots of room in the engine bay for it.

The tube going into the intake. And a sloppy Goop job... but hey, its my first use of Goop.

When I finally get the vacuum hose and t-fitting, I will shoot a few more photos and finish this post up.

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wow man, i am excited t see how that is going to work out for you, please keep me posted on this, that is one of the mods I want to do latr, especially fill me in on how you are going to tune for tht thing, an also, how much was the kit?

Wow, it can turn well too?
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I actually got a great deal on the kit from a guy in Austin. He installed it on his WRX wagon, but never actually used it. Thing was brand new. I got it for $250.

Will definitely keep you posted. I just recently bought the Cobb StreetTuner software and will be posting a new thread detailing the tuning process. The StreetTuner software is awesome.

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I know you will get good numbers, BiggSean has a kit insalled on his wagon and it is insane.

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