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oldspower71 04-09-2012 08:22 PM

Just curious. For those of you with a turbo upgrade?
Like it says. I'm just curious. Might help me in making future decisions. If there is something similar anywhere, please disregard and point me in that direction. I was talking to my tuner about this today and he said "hey, that might make an interesting thread on nasioc", thought id put it on here though. Thanks!

1. What year is your car?
2. Mileage on it now?
3. Mileage on it when you upgraded the turbo?
4. What turbo you went with?
5. Hp/Tq numbers if you got em handy?
5. Engine probs since upgrade, and at approx what mileage? (thought id include this).

turmic 04-09-2012 09:30 PM

You're going to get some very different answers from this. But...

1)2006 STI
2)76,xxx miles
3)5x,xxx miles I forget exaclty when I put the Dom 2.5 XTR on. I'm on my 2nd upgraded turbo now.
4)Dom 2.5 XTR and now its a custom Dom 3 turbo
5)Check my sig (378awhp/373wtq on 93 oct)
6)Um...I upgraded my engine before my turbo gave me problems with my pistons. Because I know I was going to hit 350 or more whp. My first built engine spun a bearing because of a stupidity by myself/freak accident. That was about about 71,xxx miles that engine died. Probably about 10k-15k after it was installed. Meh...thats my story.

sleepr 04-10-2012 05:55 AM

...good idea! I'm interested.

1. 2002 WRX
2. 110,xxx
3. around 75,000ish
4. EVOIII 16G (usually referred to as a "Big 16G")
5. 253 awhp / 230 wtq - tuned for sustainability vs. maxing out the numbers (parts list and dyno sheet picture can be found on my profile)
5. No engine problems then or now, but ended up eventually replacing all the cooling hose clamps over the following year.

brfatal 04-10-2012 06:23 AM

1. 2002 WRX
2. 109k miles
3. 70k when I put my TD06H-20G on.
4. Currently on a Blouch Dom 3.
5. Should have em soon. ~400-430 whp expected on that dyno.
6. Currently on engine build #6 (1 spun bearing, 1 bad tune, 3 bad builds)

turmic 04-10-2012 10:33 AM

High reading dyno or are you using E-85, meth, or race gas justin?

brfatal 04-10-2012 10:42 AM

Higher reading dyno. I made 390 something on a TD06H-20G. He said that was freakishly high for that size turbo (the 20G I had is known for making more power than other brands), but as a Dynapack it's also gonna read high anyways.

basco 04-10-2012 10:53 AM

1. 2002 WRX
2. 89,XXX
3. 18,XXX (VF34)
70,XXX (FP Green)
4. see #3
5. 513 awhp / 508 wtq -race gas
459 awhp/ 440 wtq -93oct...mod list is current
5. Spun a bearing on my stock motor reving to 8200+ RPM
Built an EJ207 for the Green
Built a stroker for the 35R because a 2.0 is just not enough motor, I havent had any issues with my built motors

newtothegame 04-10-2012 08:17 PM

1. 2007 WRX
2. 48,547
3. 18,xxx
4. TDO6-20G
5. On 92 OCT 350AWHP/330 WTQ on mustang dyno in Tacoma WA
5. None to date, but upgraded transmission that doesnt complain about the extra power.

turmic 04-10-2012 08:43 PM

If your worried about your engine before your trans....then you have problems on a WRX 02-07. The engine isn't bullet proof either. But, read this...
[url=]The Truth Behind The Subaru EJ-Series Engines - Tech-Knowledge - Import Tuner Magazine[/url]

Basically, your 02-07 trans is more of a weak link unless you plan on going over 350whp/wtq. Then you're skating into the shady area of will my engine last with this power.

bad grocerygetter 04-10-2012 09:38 PM

Thanks for sharing that kirt! Great article.

turmic 04-10-2012 09:46 PM

Synolimit posted that back up a while ago. But, the key thing is those professional tuners do a damn good job tuning EJs. So, the truth that your engine's life belongs in the hands of the tune still applys.

I edited the post above to...because this stupid laptop likes to miss keys when I type fast.

oldspower71 04-11-2012 12:18 AM

Great replies! Yeah Kirt that is a great article. I'm looking at the mag it was published in right now! March 2011 Import Tuner. That's funny because I bought it for that article. One of 3 Import tuners that I have ever bought! Very nice s2000 in that mag as well. I guess I'm just looking for everyone's various experiences. I know my trans will go first. That's already in my plans for next spring.....depending on how life goes. Still up in the air with an STI swap or aftermarket gears. I thought it would be interesting though to start this thread because I haven't seen one like it. Glad I did...some higher mileage builds than I was expecting. Brfatal, engine build #6? Geez! Sounds like my Olds 442. Learning experiences (and unlucky circumstances) are expensive in this hobby! Spinning a bearing is actually what I am concerned/wondering about. 3 times with the 455 olds (5500 redline)!! Id like to be able to get 320whp+/-. Wonder what kind of #s I'd get with the EVOIII 16g with the 2.5 on my 07. Ive been told it's too small?

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