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Blue07Rex 12-16-2007 10:59 PM

Installed TBE/stage2 map.....boost leak?
I just installed my TBE and flashed to stage2 today (cold and wet install....bleh), but have a couple of problems, and wonder if they're related.

1: There's a small exhaust leak somewhere around the downpipe area. I torqued the bolts harder, but it's still there. I'll try to find exactly where it is with soapy water when I get the chance.

2: My boost gauge (stock) sits right at 0 and doesn't move.

I also threw a CEL/blinking cruise when giving it a bit of gas in second accelerating from a stop. I never really have gone WOT yet (still need to datalog), but the car seems to have the same, if not less power then when I was stage1 (then again it could be expectations set too high).

I'll datalog tomorrow, but if anyone has any advice, that'd be cool. Could these two issues be related? My friend (who has installed a TBE on a WRX before) put the intercooler back on while I worked on the catback, maybe a hose or something got loose.


IH8PVMNT 12-17-2007 06:56 AM

yea dude id start checking hoses... and clamps if its sits at zero your getting something becasue tis soposed to be negative at idel... id defintley say some kinda hose or clamp....
check exhuast connectios too exhuast leak can cause that..

newtothegame 12-17-2007 07:54 AM

Not to make you sound dumb or anything. Did you change the gaskets/seals when you put the new DP on? If theres a leak there like you said, that might be a problem also. Just check the small stuff first,sounds like thats probably what it is. Good luck with it.

Longshot 12-17-2007 08:03 AM

[QUOTE=newtothegame;180615]Not to make you sound dumb or anything. Did you change the gaskets/seals when you put the new DP on? If theres a leak there like you said, that might be a problem also. Just check the small stuff first,sounds like thats probably what it is. Good luck with it.[/QUOTE]

Yeah +1 I was thinking the same thing for your exhast leak problem, should use NEW OEM gaskets. Also def check those intercooler hoses as stated above. You should probably just pull off the intercooler and put it back on yourself.

Blue07Rex 12-17-2007 11:27 AM

Haven't found the leak/gauge issue yet, but if I don't before next Friday, it should be fixed then. I set up an appointment to get a protune at Mead Engineering (road tune - thanks Psinuse for the referral, didn't know there were tuners in my area) via opensource. Hopefully I'll be able to find a dyno just to see the results afterword, but I should be able to at least feel feels limp right now.

The tuner said that my SPT SRI could cause problems with the tune (said the piping changes with temperature or something), so that's going to come off, and I'll put my OEM airbox on with a K&N. Have to find out how to do the silencer delete now if I want that spool sound back (should get some just from the downpipe though, right?)

I'm so new at this....haha :pity: Learning more is always fun though (as long as that doesn't include replacing expensive parts...)

Edit: Yes, I changed the gaskets. I ordered the turbo>DP and 2 3" 2-hole gaskets from

Longshot 12-17-2007 11:35 AM

This is the procedure I used for removing the resonator:

You won't hear the turbo spool/bypass valve any louder from a downpipe. Your SPT SRI is most likely not your problem, I'd be willing to bet thats not it but you can put the OEM box in anyway. Since you were not the one to do the intercooler thats where I'd start.

Blue07Rex 12-17-2007 12:55 PM

Yeah, I don't think the intake is making the problem either, just the tuner I'm going to next week recommends the stock/k&N option.

I think it might be a vacuum hose loose or something (does that make sense?) The car idles rough at times, almost like it wants to stall.

Thanks for the link to the airbox mod Longshot.

Longshot 12-17-2007 01:05 PM

Your welcome, no problem. I would guess it's a loose hose around the intercooler mainly because it sounds like a common boost leak problem. If you have the time I'd suggest taking a detailed look with a flashlight if you haven't already.

Blue07Rex 12-18-2007 02:19 PM

Found it! A hose was loose on a blue t connector right by the stupid, haha. Boost gauge works, idle is smooth, and car pulls harder than ever !Thumbs Up. I'll put a clamp on it if it comes off again, but it may have been bumped when taking the intercooler off.

The downpipe still has a small leak which I'll have to find, but it isn't much air escaping at all. Still have that CEL, but it could've been from before, and just needs reset.

For some reason I can't get ECUexplorer to connect to my ECU. ECUflash and Enginuity work fine, but I don't know how to read codes in Enginuity. I guess I could get Autozone to read the code for me, but ECUexplorer is the easiest way to clear the CEL right?

I know this should be in the tuning section by now, but I don't want to create another thread. Can't wait for that pro-tune next Friday :cool: (hope it doesn't break the bank, haha)

Longshot 12-18-2007 03:12 PM

I thought so, try resetting the ECU now and see if it goes away.

Blue07Rex 12-19-2007 01:06 AM

CEL went away on it's own when starting up to go to work....must've been something to do with the o2 from the disconnected hose not getting to the engine. I know the stock boost gauge isn't the most accurate, but it hit around .12 Mpa during a 3rd gear pull, which is about right (17.4 psi). Pulls harder than ever, but I was surprised how smooth the power comes on (xpt stage2). The custom tune should be even better.

Now if I can figure out how to get ecuexplorer to recognize my ECU, so I can reset/log/analyze CELs. I'll mess with it tomorrow if I remember (need to log too).

newtothegame 12-19-2007 05:49 AM

Well its good that you got most of the problem solved. Hopefully you can get the rest fiured out. Looking forward to seeing some numbers and hearing how the tune goes. Good luck with it.

medic195 12-19-2007 12:07 PM

cell/blinking cruise
Dont mean to add my 2cents if u already have the answer to cell and cruise blink but when i added my short ram i got the same thing and i took my car to dealer and it was a loose hose in and around that area never found out which hose cause they fixed it but its one of those hope this helps

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