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notilloc 03-03-2010 08:28 PM

To all you tuners out there
So I have a 2007 toyota fj cruiser right now and am looking for something that gets better than 16 mpg on the highway. I found a 2006 wrx with 14000 miles that the dealership will do a straight up trade with me on. The thing is that this is no ordinary wrx. This thing is pushing around 450 hp. The problem I have and the only reason i havent bought this car yet is they have no idea what is under the hood they cant get me a list of parts on it because they have no idea. I can tell by the way it runs that it has a really big turbo on it and it is cammed out like crazy. It sounds mean when running and it is crazy fast. The original owner put about $20,000 in upgrades for autocross racing and decided the car wasnt competitive enough and took a huge loss on it.

It has what looks like a motorcycle battery to start it right now and that is not reliable at all. When i drove it they had to get the jump box for it. When idling it idles really rough untill it gets up to temp and it shakes like crazy untill warm. Even when warm it doesnt keep a constant rpm when idling it bounces all over the place. When driving it it is really hard to drive when the rpms are below 2000 and above 2000 it is a rocket ship.

I really want to get this car but have a few questions to those of you that know lots about the subaru boxer engine and how it really works. I had an integra gsr before my fj and I upgraded it with cams and turbo kind of like this car but the engine didnt shake nearly as much as this one. Is it just the opposing type of engine that does this when it has this much power? Also is that normal with the irregular idle? and lastly any ideas as to what kind of gas mileage i would get. Is there any chance I would get more than 20 mpg on the highway or will it be just as bad as my fj or worse? Also how long with an engine like this last and how often will it need to be rebuilt?

RcrsWetDream 03-03-2010 08:45 PM

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Eeesh.. Might be tempting but that car is NOT a daily driver even if it is well built... Look elsewhere man.

turmic 03-03-2010 10:13 PM

Yeah, I'm going to agree with Chris. It doesn't sound like that car is really set up to be a daily driver at this point. Without a list of parts from the previous owner or a well known pro tuner in the area to do a quality insepction of the tune and parts. I wouldn't even consider purchasing this car. Its just to many unknowns.

notilloc 03-04-2010 12:34 AM

Yea i definately agree. Its just so tought because I am getting a wrx that is for sure and one with the kind of power I was looking to make for a straight up trade is just so hard to pass up. Well actually i probably wouldnt have gone quite so extreme at least not with the cams as this guy but i do plan on doing autox. If i could have a list of every part of the car there wouldnt be a problem but since I have no idea whats going on with the car it makes it really iffy.

notilloc 03-04-2010 12:38 AM

actually I found a link on here is the car.

[url=]Cars for Sale: 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX in Bozeman, MT 59715: Sedan Details - 270500293 -[/url]

I appreciate the responses and the help with making my tough decision.

newtothegame 03-04-2010 08:03 AM

That still doesnt shed that much light as to what is really on the car. Theres a FMIC, intake, BOV, and coilovers at least, and of course some type of exhaust. I wouldnt touch that thing at all. If it truely is pushing that much power and the transmission hasnt been addresed you will quickly be putting alot of money into the thing (in the range of $6k or more). Keep looking something will come your way.

RcrsWetDream 03-04-2010 08:30 AM

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Looks like a different intake manifold, coils, dry cell battery, fuel rails/regulator, catch can or two, plus what new said, plus everything you can't see in the engine...

notilloc 03-04-2010 09:39 AM

Ok then I know I should probably make a new thread for this but you guys told me exactly what i expected to hear and I will not be getting the car but I will be getting an 09 wrx. I wish the 08 was a better performer bc its more in my price range but o well. Is there an advantage to the hatch or the sedan? I plan on doing autox and I dont really care about looks, Ive always liked the sedans better until the 08 model came out and now i really like the hatch. All I really care about though is which will go around a track faster. I read somewhere that the hatch is 100 pounds lighter so that gives it an advantage but is the sedan stiffer and does it handle better or should i go with the lighter hatch?

RcrsWetDream 03-04-2010 10:46 AM

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Well from what I remember the hatch and sedan are the same, hatch may even be 50 lbs heavier. I forget. The only real advantage to speak of is a bit more weight over the rear wheels with the hatch. I have it, and I love it. It looks better than the sedan and has pretty good cargo capacity for such a small car. I fit a huge as bbq box and a 46" flat screen in it no problem.

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