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man show 03-25-2010 05:06 PM

60,000 Mile Maintenance
I think I've finally collected all the things I'm going to need for my 60k maintenance. My intent is not to start arguments over the price of each item, but rather to give you an idea about what the 60,000 mile maintenance consists of and how much I was able to find each item for (prices listed do not including shipping, if applicable). Here's a breakdown for those who might be interested:

[U]Change Brake Fluid and Replace Brake Pads[/U]
(1x) 1 Liter ATE Super Blue DOT 4 High Performance Brake Fluid = $12.95
(1x) Hawk HPS Brake Pads (HB178F Front, HB179F Rear) = $140.00
Total = $152.95

[U]Change Engine Oil and Replace Oil Filter[/U]
(5x) 1 Quart Royal Purple 5W-30 = $8.47/ea. = $42.35
(1x) Subaru OEM Oil Filter =$4.99
Total = $47.34

[U]Change Rear Differential Fluid[/U]
(1x) Motul Gear 300 75W-90 = $15.95
Total = $15.95

[U]Change Transmission Fluid[/U]
(1x) 1 Liter Motul Gear 300 75W-90 = $15.95
(3x) 1 Quart Redline Lightweight Shockproof Gear Oil 75W-140 = $10.95/ea. = $32.85
Total = $48.80

[U]Flush and Replace Engine Coolant[/U]
(1x) 1 Gallon Subaru Undiluted Coolant = $20.00
(1x) 1 Bottle Subaru Cooling System Conditioner = $4.50
(1x) 1 Bottle Redline Water Wetter = $8.00
(5x) 1 Gallon Distilled Water = $0.83/ea. = $4.15
Total = $36.65

[U]Replace Cabin Air Filter[/U]
(1x) Subaru OEM Cabin Air Filter = $7.71
Total = $7.71

[U]Replace Drive Belts[/U]
(1x) OEM AC Belt = $10.94
(1x) OEM Alternator/Power Steering Belt = $13.14
Total = $24.08

[U]Replace Engine Air Filter[/U]
(1x) K&N Panel Filter = $0.00 (Already in car)
(1x) K&N Filter Recharge Kit = $0.00 (Already had it in the garage)
Total = $0.00

[U]Replace Fuel Filter[/U]
I decided not to do this again as I will likely upgrade to a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump sometime in the future. I have also been using only Shell 93 Octane gasoline since I bought the car brand new, so I am fairly confident that my fuel filter is not yet dirty enough to warrant a change.
Total = $0.00

[U]Replace Spark Plugs[/U]
(4x) NGK Iridium LFR6AIX-11 = $7.57/ea. = $30.28
Total = $30.28

[B]GRAND TOTAL = $363.76[/B]

That's not too bad considering I paid a little extra than I probably needed to for some high quality parts/fluids. I'm also saving on labor since I'm planning to do everything myself.

Here's a link to the breakdown of my 30,000 mile maintenance: [url][/url]

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