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deftonesfan7 01-18-2011 03:21 PM

06' Auto WRX tuning
Howdy everyone! I have not been on in here in so long I thought I would drop back in to get some advice. I currently own a 2006 WRX. It is a automatic. I want to look into adding a larger turbo to this car for a little more fun! I have had my eye on the Perrin turbo kits. I just wanted some opinions from people on how safe my car will be with the larger turbo seeing that it is a automatic! I dont want to go super crazy on the HP because its a daily driver and I dont get to drive much high way any more but when I do I want to have some fun! I was looking around maybe the 400hp mark or so! Just so I could give my dads vette a run for its money!

Thanks for the advice and help!

mosc 01-18-2011 03:54 PM

You have a lot of options. It's mostly down to how much you want to spend. Very large turbos though could cause you some frustration with lag, the 4EAT has a lot of space between gears (low RPM after shifts). You do have an advantage here though being an automatic I am please to note. It can handle far more torque than the 5-speed manual.

Personally, I'd look at TMIC based solutions to try and cut down on the lag. They'll also keep you to a more manageable turbo to keep things reliable for daily driving. The bloush dom 2.5 is a good one but expensive. Cheaper would be a TD05-20G

There's a lot of parts that go along with a turbo upgrade keep in mind. You don't want to just change turbos and then call it done. And also remember you'll need somebody to tune the beast when you're done.

newtothegame 01-18-2011 09:49 PM

If you dont do much highway driving, and you have an automatic, you probably dont want to be looking too high in the power range as you will seldom see the power cause of the automatic. Something to maybe looking into is a transmission cooler along with the other supporting mods of a bigger turbo. I have heard that right around the 330 or so HP range heat can become a problem in automatics. Other than that, goodl luck with your modding. Keep us updated.

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