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battistigsx 05-17-2010 05:47 PM

03 updated mods, new turbo question.
lots of changes since my last post, especially in the bolt on dept. i just got my car back from paint this week, I went with the 2008 carbon flash color found on the 08 sky redline special addition. since my last post i have bought or installed the following:

catless uppipe-with egt removed, resistor mod to eliminate CEL
catless bellmouth downpipe-connected to my existing 3" espelir cat back system
new timing belt and idler/tensioner pulleys with underdrive crank pulley
new water pump
exedy clutch, pilot and throwout bearings (not installed yet)
resurfaced flywheel (ran out of cash and couldnt do lightweight yet) (not installed yet)
new ngk plugs, replaced oem coilpacks
silicone y pipe kit from stock tmic
omori 45mm guage (not installed yet)
turboXS RFL BOv (vented to atmosphere)

the car was already flashed for cobb stage 1, only mod at the time was the cat back system and it ran pretty hard, stays with my friends 2010 wrx. i have a few questions about the last few things. I decided to go with a tune instead of going to cobb stage two since i do not have the accesport. (it was my friends car before i bought it and he lost the accessport) my first question is about the last piece of the puzzle, a new turbo. Theres really nothing wrong with the stock turbo on my car, just getting the itch for something new, and of course bigger. i did some searching and see all of these cheap turbos on ebay. i was looking for a 16g, id love a 20g but i dont think i need or want that much boost in my daily driver. anyway, the 16g's are goin for 300 or less, new. has enybody ever bought one of these, im a little gunshy on this considering a namebrand would be in the 700 range. also, can anybody give me an estimate of what kind of number i might see with all the bolt-ons and a good tune using my stock turbo? what about with a 16g? im new to the wrx and dont quite know what to expect. thanks for any input on this one, ill be glad to get this stuff all done and just drive it for awhile.

battistigsx 05-17-2010 06:16 PM

ahh, sorry guys. i posted this in the wrong spot. was intended for the 02-04 bolt on thread. sorry bout that.

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