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ratfink 12-17-2009 03:18 PM

Turning ipod touch?iphone into a multi-gauge/logger
Just ordered this and it will arrive tomorrow. [url=]PLX Kiwi Wifi - Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to your car's OBD2 OBDII Port.[/url]

And I already downloaded the "lite" version of this. [url=]DevToaster - Rev - iPhone app development, Great iPhone apps, and more[/url]

I ordered a suction mount for the ipod as well to keep the "gauge" in sight, and it might improve the accuracy of my dynolicious runs as well. Pretty excited about this setup. It will let me scan other vehicle codes without packing my ginormas laptop around as well. I will have a review in the next few days. I though for $150 to have a muti-gauge that can even run other sensors later like WBO2 this was worth a try.

newtothegame 12-17-2009 03:23 PM

Wow, thats pretty sweet. Im really looking forward to seeing your setup and how it works out. Good luck with it Brad.

ratfink 12-17-2009 03:27 PM


Any idea why I only have one green reputation thingy when I have several in my profile? Also, why is one of them red? (from you actually, LOL)

OBEE_Racing 12-17-2009 04:08 PM

[QUOTE=ratfink;237082]Just ordered this and it will arrive tomorrow. [url=]PLX Kiwi Wifi - Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to your car's OBD2 OBDII Port.[/url]QUOTE]
You need this to run the app? Correct?
Then on the link for the app, is the full version the one thats 10bucks?

ratfink 12-17-2009 04:13 PM

You need the wifi scanner to hook up the ipod, there are several apps that will run with it. The app is $10 off, the price of the full version of REV is $19 right now. There is a palmer version and a fuzzycar version as well.

OBEE_Racing 12-17-2009 04:21 PM

Ahh ok. Thank you I will look into it all. Looks cool. I look forward to your review.

ratfink 12-17-2009 04:24 PM

I'll have the scanner tomorrow, but the mount for the ipod won't arrive until next week. I'll have to hold it to test it for a while. LOL Maybe some double stick tape for a temp test.

OBEE_Racing 12-17-2009 04:28 PM

haha ya, there yah go!

ratfink 12-17-2009 04:35 PM

Link to page with all apps available. [url=]PLX Kiwi Wifi - Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to your car's OBD2 OBDII Port.[/url]

turmic 12-17-2009 10:42 PM


Any idea why I only have one green reputation thingy when I have several in my profile? Also, why is one of them red? (from you actually, LOL)[/quote]

[url=]Subaru WRX Forum: WRX Forums - FAQ: Forum FAQ's and Tips[/url]

Normally you need to be rep'd a couple times with people that have rep. The green bars in your user cp. Eventually, those add up to how many bars you get in your rep status.

airplnmdls 12-18-2009 07:00 AM

By the Palmer one you mean DashCommand? I was looking at that too...I think it would be sweet.... My setup would comprise of...

1) [url=]Pioneer - In-Dash Satellite Radio/HD Radio/Apple® iPod®-Ready CD/DVD Deck - AVH-P5100DVD[/url]

2) [url=]DashCommand - Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.[/url]

3)[url=]Car PC-Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX+VoomPC-2+M2-ATX+2G+160G - eBay (item 110376395180 end time Jan-07-10 18:06:33 PST)[/url]

I think it would be awesome!

ratfink 12-18-2009 09:46 AM

Yep, palmer makes a dashcommand setup for the ipod/kiwi as well. [url=]DashCommand - Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.[/url] Just a $29 app at the app store. I am going to start with rev lite, and possibly the fuzzycar app. If I like rev allot, I may get the full version. At this point I am mostly concerned about manifold pressure and other standard sensor readings they all seem to do. I can do full logging and monitoring with my laptop if I need to. The kiwi will be here sometime today, we will see soon. I'd like to eventually add a WBO2, but I don't need one quite yet. I have to wait until the wife forgets all the money I've spent lately. LOL

ratfink 12-18-2009 06:22 PM

Got the scanner today and did a quick run with it. Couple correction to the info I have above. (1) Rev lite is useless and has ZERO obd2 readings, Fuzzycar is a very simple and fast program for resetting codes, but isn't fast enough to register any data in real time. There was quite a lag. Rev2 (the full version) seems to be the app of choice. The price is not $29 plus $10 off, it's $29 with the $10 already off. I agonized over whether to get dashcommand or Rev2, and after reading several reviews I went with Rev. I double-stick taped the ipod to the dash and went for a drive. You can display 5 gauges total, only one being large and analog. The other four fill the four corners around the main gauge. You can monitor the following:

Boost (seems to be corrected)
Intake Manifold pressure (only shows vacuum)
Intake temp
MAF Rate
Fuel Pressure
Fuel trim (on all four injectors one at a time)
Fuel consumtion
Fuel consumption Averaged
Fuel level (totally useless I know)
Engine load
Timing advance (seems to me total)
Coolant temp
EVAP pressure
WHP (I have no idea if this works, need my mount first)
Torque (see above)
lateral accel
forward accel
throttle % open

Overall I thought it worked pretty well. I wish the boost gauge had a memory, but you can switch to a graph display that gives you a few seconds to look at your boost profile as it slides by. You can also log in graph form. I might try to get my PC to link with the wifi scanner and see if I can log with romraider by way of wifi as well, that's be awesome. I will update my review as I spend some time with the setup. For now, here's a crappy cell pic of the display taped to my dash.


WReXd 12-18-2009 07:02 PM

Nice! You should get the single din clock pod and make a bezel for the iphone. It should just barely fit (I've tried it before).

ratfink 12-18-2009 09:42 PM

I am just gonna run a suction cup style mount. The main reason I haven't gone to a permanent boost gauge again is I couldn't find a place I like it where my wife didn't complain about it blocking her view when driving. With a suction cup mount I can put it right where I want it and move it for her. Plus, I am trying to get use to the crappy factory ipod interface and leave it stock. LOL

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