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GSXOwner 06-30-2004 01:47 PM

Trends And Gadgets CarPC is here!!
Finally, all details are in!

Here they are:

Choice of Case (Black or Silver)


Small Form Factor Motherboard with low-voltage CPU clocked @ 1GHz.


80GB low-profile hard drive

TV-Out via S-Video and RCA (allows for auxillary LCD screens)

6-Channel Audio (Front, Rear, Center, Sub)

Integrated 10/100 Network Adapter

4x USB 2.0 Ports

1x FireWire Port (1394)

PCMCIA Slot (allows for Cellular Modem, wifi card, etc)

Integrated Custom Shut-down Controller*

USB GPS Antenna Included**

7" XGA Touchscreen

- 16:9

- supports up to 1024x768 resolution!

- high native resolution

- iR remote

- usb touch interface

- standard vga input + composite RCA input

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Licensed to user)

Custom BMW (or other car model) Graphical User Interface

All audio software installed and configured

All video software installed and configured***

Optional GPS software (price will vary due to fluctuation in price of GPS software)

This system rivals any production (ie. Alpine, Pioneer, Clarion) unit in flexibility and customizability. Included with purchase is a brief and easy to follow install manual. It is recommend that you use an external amplifier with adjustable gain to hook to speakers although the system does integrate into the factory OEM amplifier with modification to the trunk harness. When using the OEM amplifier, due to fixed gain, the sound is very good although does not allow for physical volume change. Volume change must be made through the graphical interface. If using OEM amplifier we recommend a line-converter from Low to High for the use of the OEM amplifier otherwise signal will not be at its loudest (though still very audible). This converter is available for an additional $40

The total cost of the system

* Shut-down controller handles turning the PC via "Soft Off"! This means the computer will go through appropriate shut down procedure after a variable duration of time once the car is off. The PC hibernates for quick start up on the next ignition turn over!

** USB GPS Antenna is generic USB GPS Mouse that is compatible with our recommended GPS Software: Routis 2004 or Copilot Live7.

- We allow user to pick any GPS software, or none, if they so desire.

*** Video software installed depends on whether user opts for optional CDROM/DVD or CDRW/DVDRW drive. Due to the form factor, the CD drive is a slim CD like that found in a laptop. This will require extra cost. CD drive is not needed however due to network port and hard drive. Video files that are supported are: Mpg, Xvid, DivX, WVM, AVI, etc.

The total cost with all listed inclusions (including GPS antenna) is $1550.00 shipped to the lower 48 states. Additional cost would be for the optional CD/DVD or CDRW/DVD or CDRW/DVDRW drive. Because the system is only 2.5" (H) x 8.25" (W) x 10.25" (D), we figure most users will put it in their trunk behind the carpet next to the factory CD changer area and thus a CD drive is of null use. This system rivals that of Pioneer and Alpine by being 10x more flexible, and being touch screen for half the cost. The other benefit is that this system will be able to do Navigation with the addition of any GPS software for under a 1/2 the cost (1/3 the cost of some) of other GPS/LCD/Touch solutions.

All systems are tested in a car-environment in our facility in Newtown, Pennsylvania. They work and are pre-loaded with all of the software when they leave our facility. That said, here are some initial pictures of the setup!!!




(keyboard is there as test, will not be required nor needed in shipped version)


Screen appears dull due to bounce-flash. Picture used to show resolution and text clarity. Screen is very bright.



LCD trim not included

Here is a diagram showing how some connections are made. This is the setup currently in my car just to show you how yours would fit into your current setup.


Feel free to contact Jon Kensy at [email][/email] via email or “oomxpxoo02” via AIM for questions or sales regards! Thanks!

Quack 06-30-2004 01:54 PM

is this the same setup as seen in the Scion (i think it was the Scion) on MTV's "Pimp My Ride"?

GSXOwner 06-30-2004 01:59 PM


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