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KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 02:20 PM

Subaru WRX 05 - Aux Port Needed

As most Subaru lovers, I hate one thing. No aux port. I am sick of broadcasting my IPOD to a FM Station only to get static every so often. I got a quote for a local Audio guy, selling this :

[url=]NEW KENWOOD KDC-X895 CD/MP3/BT/USB CAR STEREO PLAYER | eBay[/url] For 220$ plus a bunch of install fees for a total of 394$. Whoa! Seems a bit much.

My Dad is a bit car savey, but I want to keep my 52,000 mile, 7 year old car in good looks. Do you think its possible to install it and keep it in good looks. I don't want it to look cheap or crappy.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I prefer Bluetooth as it comes pretty cheap in most steros now.

Thanks WRX Fans!


Vew 06-09-2011 03:05 PM

If all you want is an "aux port," cheapest way is a tape cassette adapter. Ghetto, but it works well and the quality is about as high as your factory setup is going to get in any case.

If you want a cheap route, a new deck can be had at say Best Buy for about $80 bucks with an aux port built in. $20 for a wire harness, and $20 for a dash kit. Their install fee is $50, but you can do it yourself. We're pretty welling to help here. The only additional cost is if you're really set on that bluetooth feature. It will look fine. In fact, when you sell the car, you can always return it back to normal if you keep your stock stereo.

KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 03:46 PM

Thanks for the reply Vew,

Cheap isn't 100% the requirement. I would like quality over price. I didnt buy a WRX to be cheap with the radio. I just cant see myself paying double the price of the product to install the radio. Did anyone find a radio that fit nice in a WRX? I was thinking maybe a touch screen to fill the space? The WRX 05 radio is fairly big, so I could fit a small touch screen there probably.

Im looking basically for what ever fits the WRX body style the best. With hopefully an easy install.


Vew 06-09-2011 03:50 PM

The factory radio is a standard "double din." What that means is that you can get a single din deck to fit fine with the addition of a single din pocket. It looks factory. The other option is getting a double din deck. That will take up the whole space. Usually more expensive since most are primarily for touch screens for DVD playback. What looks better is a matter of opinion. Typical labor charge for installing a single din radio is $50 not including the dash kit (pocket) or wiring harness. $100 for the double din not including wire harness.

Radios are easy to install in our vehicles. Double din with dvd and gps is more difficult since you have to run more wires all around the car.

KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 03:55 PM


That was a great post. Very informative. I agree on the style. So I just need to look for the size and a double din with a filler (pocket). I guess what ever radio I want then? I don't need to worry about power or something as such?


Vew 06-09-2011 04:00 PM

Almost all aftermarket radios are single din, including the one you linked above. Yes, the pocket is also called a dash kit. Companies like Scosche & Metra make kits for our vehicles. Consequently, Subaru ones should be available too, but I am not familiar with what options are available for the 2005 dash.

Power requirements are all standard too if you're talking about input power.

KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 04:48 PM

Last question, what is this "$20 for a wire harness," mean? Do we have to worry about depth as a size? I find it pointless for me not to get a Double din because Ill have to pay 20$ more for a filler piece.


If I get that I just need that and a "wire harness" and I should be good to go?


Vew 06-09-2011 05:04 PM

The harness connects to your factory wiring harness. The deck comes with a harness that connects to the radio. You spice the two unfinished ends. Don't hack up your factory harness. You shouldn't have to worry about depth. You have a lot of room. The cost for the filler not really pointless vs double din..

I used to be an installer. My friend who is currently is an installer is next to me. Don't get a Sony.

KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 05:30 PM

Vew can I ask why? What is the issue? I am now looking into a GPS/Bluetooth/IPod mix. What company would he suggest? Why not the Sony? It looks like it got great reviews.

Thanks man,


Vew 06-09-2011 06:03 PM

The big three are Alpine, Kenwood, & Pioneer. Great reviews doesn't necessary mean it's a good product. Sony is.. ok. The others are better.

KenBeanNet 06-09-2011 06:26 PM

How this? : [url=]Pioneer AVIC-X930BT Brand NEW!!!!! W/bypass | eBay[/url]

I wouldn't need anything as it comes with the Harness. Love these forums. I got a review for my HKS blow off valve here, and it still working great 4 years later.

Vew 06-09-2011 06:32 PM

Good video support. Sound process is pretty good. GPS is ok. BT is meh, but I'm told it's meh on most units.

You still need a harness. The one it comes with only connects to the unit. You need the other half model specific to your car.

KenBeanNet 06-10-2011 11:18 AM

So I went ahead and splurged and bought this :

[url=]AVIC-Z130BT - Flagship In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with DVD Playback, Built-In Bluetooth®, and 7" WVGA Touchscreen Display | Pioneer Electronics USA[/url]

Funny how I went from 394$ to 820$. I figured, I love my car, I can take this with me to my new car, should be good for year to come. For the harness I went ahead and bought : [url][/url] I hope that is good.

Also, do I need some type of finishing plate or should this just slide in flush?



Vew 06-10-2011 01:20 PM

It'll fit flush with the factory trim. You may need to adjust the factory bracket and the mounting screws to make sure it's level. I have the Kenwood equivalent of what you purchased. You should be pretty happy. Mount the GPS antenna in the car. You can hide it under the dash as long as it's under the front window with no metal/too much junk above it. I put mine under my clock (i have a 2004). My buddy had an 05 and put it on top of his dash in the far right corner. GPS signal is strong. And you won't have to worry about deterioration of the wire or antenna itself being on the outside of the vehicle when you sell this car.

Pro-tip: if you want the video to work while you're driving, ground the ebrake wire. Not that I would ever condone such an action.

KenBeanNet 06-10-2011 01:28 PM


Did you ever try something like this?

[ame=]YouTube - ‪Pioneer Avic-X930bt & Avic-Z130bt BYPASS‬‏[/ame]

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