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Re-key lock cylinder

I havent been on here for ever, but have always found useful solutions, so im back!

So..someone tried to break into my car (trunk/passenger door) and really messed up the lock key wont even go in.

I ordered 2 new cylinders (trunk/door) from Subaru and received the parts. The head guy at parts told me it is a 10 minute fix per lock...and shouldnt be much.

The locksmith to re-key the cylinders to my existing set of keys wants damn near $100 for 20 minutes of work...

It is now my mission to do it myself..

If there is anyone with knowledge on the subject, pleeeaaassee pass it on!

Looking at the thing it doesnt seem that difficult, but springs always scare me. If anyone knows anything i should know before i attempt this please tell me!

Videos/instructions/manuals are impossible to find, if you have a hand written guide, ill take it!

If you tell me you've done it yourself and its not that hard, ill even accept that for a confidence booster. Just please help my baby!

Thanks for reading at the least!
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If you want to learn how to be a locksmith to save yourself $100, go ahead, but it would be a lot quicker to pay the $100.
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Are you asking how to install your new lock(easy)?
Or are you wanting to make keys?(I'm a bit lost)-and if thats it, pay the money after you have shopped it a bit. That seems a bit steep.

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Originally Posted by jonathang View Post
If you want to learn how to be a locksmith to save yourself $100, go ahead, but it would be a lot quicker to pay the $100.

All in all, you don't wanna screw something like this up. Not just quicker, but safer.

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I have never re-keyed doors, but if its anything like re-keying a padlock it really isnt that hard. The worst part is taking it apart and putting it back together so it all works smooth. Its just about getting the tumblers all lined up and even with how the key slides in. If you can post up some pics and I will see if I can be of any help to you.

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I tried to have a Locksmith work on my trunk lock cylinder because it was corroded solid when I got my car, and he could get it rekey it. It is still cheap, and it would get you 4 matching cylinders and keys.Good luck. That would creep me out knowing some thief out there has a key to my car.
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I can't believe someone tried to break into a frameless door car (bugeye) this way. Thank goodness your "thief" was an idiot.

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Originally Posted by sleepr View Post
I can't believe someone tried to break into a frameless door car (bugeye) this way. Thank goodness your "thief" was an idiot.
Amen to that, A quick bladder inflate and slimjim would have gained them access and you would never have seen the evidence except things would be missing.

More likley is that some punk decided to screw up your locks to get their jollies. You know make it hard for you to get in your own car. Its like keying a car but most people know what the looks like, whereas some guy fumbling with his keys near a car and jamming some crap in the locks doesnt look out of place.

Anyway, Im sorry to hear that your stuck in that situation. Re keying locks isnt that hard but if youve never tried it and your not comfortable watching youtube to learn then you get to pay the I dont know tax to have someone else do it.

- Jason
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good excuse to shave your door handles and door locks and get poppers!

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