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TrboChgd 03-03-2003 08:26 PM

A pillar pod painting!!!!!!
i want to paint my triple A-pillar gauge pod factory color (off whiteish grey) where can i find this paint?

woohoosbru 03-05-2003 11:17 AM

I had to go to an auto-pait store, they matched it and gave me a spraycan...A few coats and it looks fine. cost $10

Subie Gal 03-05-2003 05:42 PM

SEM #15183 "Warm Gray"
spray paint IS the paint code for the wrx light gray...

most auto stores will have it on their shelves.. or can order it for you.

painting tip?
use silicone remover to clean thoroughly...
then scuff lightly with fine sand paper or scotchbrite pad...

THEN paint... light coats....

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