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boo-key 08-30-2013 08:16 PM

led lighting
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I have been upgrading all my lights a little at a time with led bulbs. I have been buying them off ebay and am very happy thusfar except having to wait 3 weeks for them to ship from china or wherever they have those 5 year old kids making them. Only ones I have left to go are the turn signal and brake lamps. My question is will I get hyperflash with the turn signals? If so is there a bulb that wont do this or what can I do to to not get hyperflash. Second question is about the tail/brake lights. The factory bulbs are a dual filament. Can a ebay or any led bulb do this dual function? Third question is which will be brighter and more visable, red bulb behind red lense or clear/white bulb behind red lense? Same question for amber color. I have been using the bulbs with the little square flat led's and would like to keep with that style if possible. Thanks guys!

turmic 09-02-2013 09:06 AM

Ha, all I've done was the license plate bulbs. But, I'd think its a matter of if there is enough resistance to have the bulb hyper flash or not. That's why some bulbs have a built in "resistance/load" and others you'd have to add it inline to the light. I wish I knew about the dual filament question. I think I've seen those, but not quite sure.

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