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Msegars88 06-02-2012 09:43 PM

Interior Lights and instrument color change
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I spent hours and hour looking up how to change my dash lights, HVAC, and factory Lamco gauge lights to blue. With little to no success on other posting on how to or where to buy, I decided to undertake this blindly with no knowledge of what I was doing.
Overall about $15 and 30 min and you can have blue lights everywhere.

Mine 2002 WRX.
Start off by removing your cluster. Simple and easy. Two screws release the cover, 3 more after that and 3 plugs and your Cluster is out. The back side will have 10 lights each with a "socket" and a bulb in that socket that simple just twists out. The bulbs that are in there are #74 bulbs most which have green "condoms" on them. There is a green film on the back side of the cluster faceplate itself, say some remove it. NO! Its not worth it at all, I did it to my cluster and it took HOURS and I accidently touched the needles so I had to buy an another cluster. When I was using the film-less cluster I put BLUE BULBS in and the color outcome wasn't blue or even close. It came out teal-ish, still more factory green then blue. Completely pointless and a waste of money. I decided at that moment it HAS TO BE LED. After trail and error, weeks and weeks of waiting for LEDs in the mail I finally got it. ***to replace your #74 bulbs, you need to buy T5 Blue LEDs***
Got the LEDs in and that pop right into the socket the bulb came out of, very simple. In all it will take 10 of these T5 blue LEDs just for your cluster.

To get to these bulbs you will have to remove your slide out cupholder, 2 screws. Its kind of a pain to get it but with some wiggling it come out. Then your trim around the radio and hvac just pops out. Next remove your radio, 6 screws and some plugs. Very simple if you have takin one out before. From there your AC controls are accessable. You cant remove the unit with ease so I just stuck my hand behind it and felt for the sockets and out they come. Only 2 of these. They are also #74 type bulbs so i bought T5 blue LEDS. Now you cane put it all back together. I do not have a factory radio but I know you can change the lights out in it. I would just carefully take it apart and try for yourself.

Easy, cover pops off. Undo the 4 screws, plugs, and its out. 3 bulbs again #74. replace with the same T5 LEDs.

The Map lights and the Dome light were easy, I dont remember the type but you cant mess those up. Just check the bulbs out and replace with LED Super white.

Truck light and lience plate lights are T10 LEDs. These are about twice the size of the T5. Both are still wedge style.

Im pretty sure my fog light button, cruise control and AC button light are all T 3/4 (not 3 or 4, a 3/4 or .75) I have not changed these but those are the sizes im ordering for them

I bought my 15 T5 Blue LEDs from ebay and spent $13. NOO film removal.
1 T10 Blue LED for my truck
2 T10 white LED for my plate
1 more T5 blue LED for glove box
"street glow" headlight LEDs for my under the dash glow.

[url=]15x T5 74 5050 3 Chips SMD Blue LED DASHBOARD Lights | eBay[/url]

Please remember, your doing aftermarket work so after its done it ISNT PERFECT. I dont have "hotspots" but its not a perfect uniform factory blue look. I am most happy with what I got. If you have any questions where to buy or anything just ask.

Msegars88 06-02-2012 09:47 PM

1st picture is the overall finished interior
2nd is a T5 LED inside a socket
3rd is a T10 LED as it comes in the mail, ready to install
4th is a bulbs and socket right out of the cluster
5 is the backside of the Subaru Lamco gauges

spc2125 06-03-2012 12:12 AM

Sweet feet.

BLAZE2099 06-03-2012 07:16 AM

Haha, I saw that too.
Looks good, but the under dash is a bit much for me. Did you put those on a switch?

Msegars88 06-03-2012 10:40 PM

yea the under glow is on a switch. just installed into one of my many black switch spots.

also btw the Dimming STILL WORKS with this swap. I know a lot of ways it will not.

rex2002 06-03-2012 11:01 PM

when you replaced the needle bulbs in the cluster did u use the same t5 bulbs but just in green? also could you upload a close up on the cluster. the whole setup looks great. this would go perfect with my stock blue and black interior.

Skatingstoner1995 06-17-2012 12:50 AM

Dude this is awesome, i would definitely love to change the color of my gauges.. But i dont even have my 3lamco gauges lite up, and only the boost one works... I just bought the car a month ago, and haven't been able to find a how to install the gauges can you help?

Msegars88 06-20-2012 11:19 PM

[quote=rex2002;280867]when you replaced the needle bulbs in the cluster did u use the same t5 bulbs but just in green?[/quote] Yes I used T5 on all dash lights. 10 were the cluster. Needles are greenish blue. Turn signals are blue blue. Brake, Power, ect... all stayed red. I dont have a site to use to upload pics to and cant seem to attache to a reply. But if you PM me your email I can send you all a bunch of close up pictures.

skater: If they are installed, changing the bulbs which I assume are blown, LED swap them!:D If you still have the clock there and are wanting to install the gauges I would look up a fourm for that. I didnt wire mine in, Ive only dont boost/vaccum gauges.

Msegars88 06-20-2012 11:28 PM

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Found Pictures

seansmiller 06-21-2012 12:24 PM

This is sweet! I have a blue '05 and i've been wanting to do something similiar. Now I gotta do it!

Msegars88 07-09-2012 11:55 PM

Well a month after my swap and I still love it. I sometime I a hard time seeing the gauges during the day. Mostly my dark dark tint but the green was a little easier to see then the blue. I have had a lot of compliments on them from friends and follow WRXs. Still one of the best $15 ive spent on my car

DJRAPP3 12-10-2012 01:50 PM

08 wrx
did anyone try this on an 08 WRX, or know if the cluster lights are the same?? i really want to change mine out but i don't wanna take a chance to have to buy a new cluster,

robin623 12-11-2012 06:54 PM

[quote=seansmiller;281419]This is sweet! I have a blue '05 and i've been wanting to do something similiar. Now I gotta do [IMG][/IMG]it![/quote]

I will do similar too.. thank you for sharing!

pzr2874 12-12-2012 06:00 AM

If you could put part#'s (links) and the likes, they might move this to the HOW-TO section

random2006 12-21-2012 12:15 PM

I just did this to my 02 and I love it :D I want to change out the Fog light, cruise control, and the light behind the "auto" on the door panel for the powered windows. Do you know what size they are and where to order? I'm also interested to know more about how you did the lights on the floor boards. It all looks great especially in my Scoob Thanks so much for the instructional post.

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