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Miked001 09-16-2005 01:52 PM

How well do the HID upgrade kits work with the stock lenses? I read somewhere they work better with the lense designed for HID. So I'm asking here to the people with HID's and the stock WRX lense. How well do they work?

Ian 09-16-2005 05:01 PM

Stupid bright, works great, love em, get em. Highly reccomened them

wrx555 09-19-2005 10:43 AM

i second the motion and also triple the motion....
!Thumbs Up
as ian says, it is absolutely great.....
you'll be :)

Vew 09-19-2005 01:47 PM

Stop making me jealous! I'm too POOR!! :poorme:

Jave 09-19-2005 03:16 PM

my questio to you that have installed the HID kits int he Halogen headlight casings is, does the ending product look like this


or really bad lie this


or this


if it looks like the top one then that is the route I want to go. Good, clean, proper installation. also post what kits were used to achieve result.


images taken from [url][/url]

Ian 09-19-2005 05:35 PM

My HID's light up everything, no problem with the way the light is projected. Just make sure you adjust them after the install. Mine are made by Hella but have a no-name logo to keep the price down, I still paid around $500 for them, well worth it

Jave 09-19-2005 05:58 PM

so it looks like the top pic I posted then?

wrx555 09-21-2005 10:27 AM

My HID's are similar to the top photo as well....
The front of the car had absolutely no holes...
Just pure white light.... Absolutely cool! :cool:
Like Ian's, I had to re-aim it a bit ....
I used a Ray Brig HID kit..
Cost around $580 (converted from my currency)

wrx1313 09-21-2005 04:56 PM

do they work with the 02/03 headlights ?

Ian 09-21-2005 05:43 PM

All you have to do is order the bulb style that you have and it will plug right in. This goes for any car. Example, if you have H1 bulbs order the H1 HID kit

Jave 09-21-2005 06:30 PM

man it is hard to decide. I am either going to to spend money on a HID kit or PIAA Extreme white bulbs. Any opinions? I have already changed out my turn signals with 27 LED white bulbs and my park lights are white LEDs now as well. both sets of LED bulbs ahve a slight blue hue that is simialar to the STi's 4k color temp.

Ian 09-22-2005 04:45 PM

[QUOTE=Ian]Stupid bright, works great, love em, get em. Highly reccomened them[/QUOTE]
I couldn't say it better myself? WTF
Replacing your bulbs does not compare to HID's, you want brighter lights get HID's

XenonKing 10-19-2005 10:42 PM

Hid Group Buy

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If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to respond.


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Ian 10-20-2005 08:41 PM

Those are good prices

smores 10-20-2005 10:59 PM

[QUOTE=Ian]Those are good prices[/QUOTE]

Yeah... I might actually find a justification for HID's, since I can get 5000k's for under $300 :D

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