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Originally Posted by Unlucky_1 View Post
im not trying to spur any further argument sense some people seem to be getting bent over a bulb color so i'll just throw this out there. And bare in mind this is the same info i've found on several sites.

4000 to 6000(Kelvin) - Emits a pure white light and technically produces the greatest overall visibility in clear weather due to the acuity of the human eye. Most OEM H.I.D lights will come with a 5000K bulb.

8000 to 10,000(Kelvin) - Emits a blue tint the higher the Kelvin’s the darker the blue. It reduces eye strain, provides sharper view and better concentration for night time driving. Many prefer this color because they like the way it makes their car look.
And you're totally wrong. 4,000k-6,000k actually emits a yellowish light to be technical, and every single OEM automotive HID light in existence are in the 4,100-4,300k range as they produce the most light. But that's not what I'm getting at. Color/temperature will play an important role in night vision. Not only do the higher temperature bulbs produce less MEASUREABLE light, but also less USABLE light. Bluish/purple hue lights are simply not effective for the given purpose. The reason people use selective yellow bulbs, yellow reflectors, or yellow overlays is lights is because of how the human eye uses different colors. The human eye can't produce as much contrast with blue light as it can with yellow. If you want an example: Open your favorite photo in Photoshop twice. On one, apply a sepia filter, and on the other, a blue filter. Which picture is more clear? Sharper? In the case of foglights (which is what this thread is about), that contrast is what allows your eyes to "cut thru" fog. I suggest a small bit of reading on "selective yellow" on why you are totally wrong in your perceptions.



As for why HIDs have no place in foglights?
- Foglights are designed to light up the sides of the roads and lane markers in poor weather for safety purposes. They do this by emitting a wide, well dispersed beam pattern. HIDs are simply too high intensity to be used. They put out too much light. It would be a similar effect as driving in thick fog with your high beams on, which will throw up a barrier of light that actually reduces your vision. With HIDs in lower foglights, you are still throwing up the barrier that will prevent you from seeing the road as well. The high intensity light from HIDs will reflect and refract on water droplets and the wall of glare they project will not only be dangerous to driver of the equipped vehicle due to reduced vision, but that same light will inhibit every other driver on the road in front of them.

- Foglights lack sharp, suitable cutoffs. Any HIDs in foglights are going to blind all oncoming traffic. Yes, HIDs in halogen headlights are going to do the same thing, but they are 20 times worse in foglights. There is a person near me with a 55w 3,000k kit in his Lancer's fogs near me and if he is oncoming within a mile you can't see a thing other than his lights. I have 100w halogen driving lights (driving lights, not foglights. They are essentially high beams that project the length of a football field) and if I returned the favor I still feel I'd get the worst end of the stick.

There is a reason that no auto manufacturer or reputable lamp maker (Hella, Valeo, Bosch, etc) has made HID foglights.
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