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HID Lights? Legal Or Pull Me Over Now?

Well a friend of mine gave me a set of HID head lamp kits for my car. The light kit is the kind that replaces the stock bulbs with a Xenon arch lamp, ballast and ignitor. The color is 6000k white/blue. The kit was a Xmas present and was purchased from carhidkits site, so I do not want to offend my friend by never trying them, but at the same time I do not want to blind others on the road or get a FAT TICKET. What are the penalties if it is not legal? Heck, what is the legality of these light kits? I live in CA if that has any bearing.
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A lot of guys put HID kits in their WRXs (including me) and there is little glare like you would see with a civic that puts them in since they use reflector housings and not projectors. I'm not sure if the 02s are projector lights, but if they are, you can install the lamps, re-aim your lights, and be good. If you have projectors though, I wouldn't do them.

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my friend has the HID lights on his '03 wrx and he hasnt been bothered.
my sister has them on her '08 scion TC and had been bothered about them once but she was doing like 25 on a bridge thats only marked at 15...
and the same friend with the '03 has them on his '94 supra and although he hasnt really had it out of his garage he hasnt been bothered about them either.
this is all in NJ..

new car!
'87 toyota supra turbo ;P
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The 6000k kit isnt really that blue (have it installed on my '10 wrx) its more like the lights you see on an audi or bmw so i havent had any issues with the cops just dont drive like a bat outta hell and attract attention to yourself. btw i live in colorado idk if cali has different regulations but they probably do
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Scion- Reflector Housings (hassled)
WRX- Projectors (not hassled)

Projectors 1, Reflectors 0

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Only 06+ WRXs and STIs have projectors. WRX being filament based projectors and the STIs have a lens that was made for HID lights.

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You shouldn't be bothered with them, as long as your lights aren't pointed in the air i don't see a problem. I have 8ks and i personally have never been bothered with them. You get the occasional people that get mad if they have a glare in their mirror but other then that you should be fine. Once you go HIDs you'll never want to go back to regular bulbs!
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Realistically, adding HIDs (unless factory assembly) to a vehicle is illegal period. Most will and can get away with it if you're smart and do the homework/get it done right. You're less likely to get in trouble for a retrofit, but nonetheless, they are technically not allowed. DOT doesn't want people messing with headlights that could blind traffic.

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Something else to keep in mind is that if you increase the intensity much above 5000-6000k, the light emitted actually becomes less usable by the human eye. Although the light may actually be more intense and brighter, the human eye can't process it as well as a lower number, so it will actually appear dimmer and slightly more blue/purple when you look at it.

I have a 35w 5000k low beam kit on my 07 WRX and it provides significantly more light than stock halogen bulbs and looks slightly more white than a 6000k + kit, so that's a nice option if you want your lights to be "slightly less illegal." My 5000k kit still looks very much not like the stock halogen bulbs and very "hid-ish" without being too obnoxious since I have the light beam set slightly higher than stock (stock cut off was entirely too close to the front of the car for my tastes, so I adjusted both lights up a tiny bit by turning the adjustment bolts behind the headlight housings a little bit with a wrench). I've had mine installed for over 30,000 miles and over 1.5 years and haven't gotten any negative attention from the law, although I live in MD and the police seem to be a little more lenient here than it sounds like they are in CA.

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i have jdm projector hids that aim to the left instead of the right...no problems from cops or people in oncoming lanes...they look really good...and they are rare among average wrx owners since they cost 2k+ for the whole assembly
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Don't do it unless you get projectors. You can retrofit projectors into your stock headlights, or buy a new set of headlights with projectors already built-in (the obvious candidates being sti headlights and morettes).

I had jdm sti headlights before in my bugeye... they sucked. To avoid blinding oncoming traffic I had to aim the lights so low that they were practically a downgrade from stock.

The best option (imo) is a TSX retrofit into a stock or jdm sti housing.
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I have HID's on my car with the yellow fog lights. but then again i have projectors on an 09 4dr. here in FL, they dont give me a problem.
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I bought a visionpro 8000k kit from xenonking.com. I've had them for about amonth now, they are not blinding in any way. Also, they do not have as much of a blue hint as I would have expected them to. Well worth it, though.
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There is a common misconception that projectors are the way to go with HIDs. This is not necessarily the case. Acuras and Mercedes and Volvos for example still use reflector headlights in some of their vehicles with HIDs. They are DOT approved HID headlights too. The real problem is with the design and cut-off. Reflector headlights can still have a very sharp cut-off. They also offer advantages that projectors do not such as a great ability to light up street signs and the sides of the road. Projectors are very focused and thus do not shine past where they are cut-off. This makes driving on windy roads very tricky. This is also why car manufacturers are starting to use moving lights that turn as the vehicle turns.

Hope this helps. If you are worried about glare just make sure your headlights are aimed properly. Subaru headlights, even the halogen reflector ones, are of good quality and have a great cut-off. They will happily accept HIDs and not be blinding.
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