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Maulzar 02-21-2004 01:10 PM

Headlight and Fog light replacement
Has anyone ever replaced their headlight bulbs and/or fog light bulbs? Can someone help me out here I cant seem to get the plug out of the back of the light, is there a trick or something? Any advice would be awsome!! Thanks

Tut4u2 02-21-2004 01:26 PM

You twist it and it comes out of the assembly. Then once its out, you press on the little clip and it comes out of the plug.

Maulzar 02-21-2004 01:34 PM

ok thanks, what about fog lights?

Tut4u2 02-21-2004 08:23 PM

I think there are three screws that hold down the light to the bumper and one that adjusts it. Take all of them out and unscrew the bulb.

WRXtreme 02-21-2004 09:39 PM

there is a trick. Looking in your owners manual.;)

Imprt4life 07-01-2004 01:14 AM

!Laugh! i actually read some of it the other day. beats shakespeare thats for damn sure

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