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Darkstar 10-11-2002 11:05 PM

Have you replaced your stock side marker?
I just ordered a set of STI replica carbon fiber blinker covers, no logo, from They were $40, not bad. I’ll make sure to post pictures when I get the covers, and a camera. What have you replaced yours with?

iceNine 10-12-2002 01:00 PM

Clear sidemarker lenses with amber bulbs. Made a plug to plug them into the stock receptacle.

dnaracer 10-15-2002 03:04 AM

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here's a picture of my clear corners from ebay. they came with amber bulbs.

dnaracer 10-15-2002 03:06 AM

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here's another...

Gerlando 10-17-2002 12:17 AM

I've thought about replacing mine, but I think the orange might actually look better then clears with the Sedona Red.

Darkstar 10-25-2002 09:38 PM

Well I have them on my rex, and they look great! I feel like they are the one thing my WRX has been missing, goodbye orange! The only problem that I had was putting it on, one of them could be lined up better. So as a tip, if you get these make sure you eye them just right before you put them on.

psirrized 11-21-2002 02:40 PM

I just picked up a set of the oem or JDM clear blinker replacements from Irvine subaru. they even came with the sti sidemarkers. Right now im using the clear bulb but I will eventually use a yellow bulb. :D

WRXdude 11-23-2002 12:52 AM

I got a set just like dnaracer's clear from EBAY for 20 bucks + S/H. Brand new and came with amber lamps. !Thumbs Up

dnaracer 11-24-2002 01:53 AM

good deal. i think i got mine for $35.

WRXdude 11-24-2002 02:47 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by dnaracer [/i]
[B]good deal. i think i got mine for $35. [/B][/QUOTE]

I did a buy it now before bidding started!Thumbs Up


CHAPPO 11-26-2002 05:33 PM

Side Reflectors
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I have recently had my 2001 model resprayed after it was stolen and I had the Panel Shop colour code the lenses. It certainly looks better than the bright orange. (In Australia, we have the indicator lenses between the front wheel and the door post)


Darkstar 11-30-2002 09:02 PM

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Well I have a digital camera now, so I can show a pic.:D

angel 12-17-2002 08:55 AM

me too!!
I have had my WRX for about 4 days....hehe I ordered the clear markers the very first day. I installed them last night:D

first mod!!Thumbs Up

WizzD 01-10-2003 09:43 AM

Anybody get the clear markers that have a plug and play bulb socket? I ordered a pair and it seems that I have to use the socket that came with it and cut some wires. I really don't want to cut anything. I wanted to use the stock bulb and socket.

iceNine 01-11-2003 09:34 AM

Don't cut anything. You can buy these long thin crimp-on metal pieces in the electrical section at Pep-Boys. Crimp them on the end of each wire and cover the connection with electrical tape. The ends fit snugly into each hole of the stock recepticle plug. This makes it easy to take off if you change your mind and want to replace them some day.

I have lost the packaging for these parts but I'll try to look for them the next time I'm at Pep Boys to see what the part numbers are. They are meant for replacing the contacts inside some kinds of stock electrical plugs.


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