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Dry Ice Dent Removal

I have a few small dents on my car and I was looking into paintless dent removal. I found something called the dry ice method, where you heat up the dent with a blow dryer then put dry ice on the dent to pop it out. Has anyone here ever done this? Did it work without ruining the paint?

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Ehh... I'd leave that one to the professionals. I've seen a video online where they warmed up a dented area with a hairdryer or heat gun (can't remember which) and then sprayed it with a can of compressed air for cleaning keyboards by holding the can upside-down so the frozen liquid squirted all over the paint and the dent magically popped out. I don't think they showed extreme close-up shots from all different angles but I'm sure there were still a few imperfections. I'd only do that to a car I didn't care about at all just to amuse myself or someone else.

I've also personally used a Ding King on my old Eclipse - I had a nasty dent in my right rear quarter panel where it looked like someone took their knee or elbow and hit it straight in and a friend of mine gave me his Ding King for free so I decided to give it a try. I was able to get the dent out by pulling it many times, but I was left with all kinds of nasty ripples. The paint was ok, but it still looked pretty bad. I wouldn't do that to any car ever again.

I did, however, take my 07 WRX to a dealership after it was hit by a shopping cart shortly after I bought it. I had the dent professionally taken out by Dent Wizard using their paintless dent removal system (they travel around to several dealerships around me, so I just had to call and find out when they'd be there and schedule an appointment). My dent was at the compound bend in the rear fender right by the gas tank so I saw it every single time I got gas and it annoyed me enough that I decided to get it fixed. Let me tell you, they did perfect work. The dent is completely gone and the paint around the area looks absolutely perfect. I'd recommend those guys to anybody. I can't remember how much I paid exactly, but it was reasonable - maybe around 80-100 bucks, but I also had them buff out several scratches in other spots. For that kind of quality work though, I'd probably be willing to pay several hundred.

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I have used the dry ice method on a helicopter before just to show that it could be done. My shop had a dry ice maker also, so it was on hand. Its not hard at all. We used a heat gun tho (higher temps). Idk about on a car tho as far as the paint goes, on our helicopters we just use rattle can (CARC) paint so its always chipping off. The worst you can do it try it and it not work out. I have thought about trying it on my hood, but just never got around to it.

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Fair enough. I would be too worried to do it anyways. But paying 100 bucks or a couple hundred to remove some tiny dents seems ridiculous.

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I have seen it done on a car before. We did it outside when it was hot out... what to say in the mid to upper 90s. Parked it out in the sun all day, put a mid-sized piece of dry ice on it and "pop". Out came the dent. There was no damage to the paint. We did it differntly than Man Show talked about. Used an actuall chunk of dry ice. My brother also used one of those dent popper contraptions you can get off the TV, had to hot glue it to the car and then crank, and it worked pretty well. Both dents, dry ice and dent popper, where larger than a softball. Not sure how it would work on a small dent. Good luck.
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i personally have seen this done a few different times and it worked as far as what you can see, but it also causes the paint to seperate away from the metal and or plastic. my friend did it on a car door and after opening and shutting the door over a period of about 3 months the paint actually cracked in that spot and chipped right off.

if you care about longevity and quality work then id pay a shop to fix it the right way. just my 2 cents
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