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ScoobySnax 06-04-2003 04:42 PM

Double din size
Does anyone have a link to a drawing or know the size of the double din radio enclosure where the stock radio is?


WRXFL 06-05-2003 09:26 AM

I beleive 1 DIN = 2 inches so double DIN = 2inches but i'd measure it to be sure.

felixman 06-15-2003 12:20 PM

do you want to know how much room is behind the radio or how tall the radio is. And if so (on either question) Why do you want to know?
I just put in my navi and screen the other day. No problems there.

ScoobySnax 06-15-2003 09:16 PM

What I am looking for is the width and the height of the enclosure, the depth is not important. You get single din and double din, the scooby has double din, so basically if I took out the standard radio what is the size of the hole that is left?
It should be double din and and is an industry standard size. I wanted to know what that standard size is.

What navigation did you put in there?

felixman 06-15-2003 11:48 PM

So when you buy your radio just go to Ultimate Electronics, Soundtrack Best Buy whatever and tell tell them you need a UNIVERSAL POCKET for it if you're going to put it in yourself. Almost everyplace offers free install on a radio now so it shouldn't be a problem and they'll know what to sell you. The METRA brand part number is 88-00-9000 and you can buy it directectly from their website. [url][/url] The info on our cars there sucks but hey. All you need is a regular sized radio and that part and your in...the hole will be filled and you'll have a pocket to put shite in.

I have the pioneer avhp7480 dvd and the pioneer AVIC9 Navi..Pioneers navi is the only one on the market that will play DVD's so if you have just a screen you can take the navi disc out and play a movie through it....I used it to put different movies on my screens in my previous car....I haven't got that stuff in this one yet..putting the pioneer 6.5 in the glovebox(fiberglassed) and I think I'm gonna do some audiovox headrest monitors...Pioneer doesnt make one small enough to fit in the headrests.

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