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PROImportTuners 01-30-2014 04:38 PM

AEM Digital Boost Gauge!
[SIZE="3"]Sup Dudes and Dudettes! ;) [/SIZE]

I saw a thread the other day about gauges and it reminded me to show ya'll a gauge lineup that I think is really awesome:

AEM Electronics has been making tuning related products since many of us were playing with matchbox cars. It's no surprise then that they make a few lines of very nice precision gauges for monitoring crucial engine data.

My personal favorite models right now are their "Analog Face Digital Gauges".

The faces have "Analog pointers" so they are easy to read at a glance but the body and internals are all fully electronic for reliability and precision. In addition to the lab grade sensors and very accurate stepper drive motors they also have highly customizable face options. Each gauge comes with multiple "Face plates" that you can exchange and variable LED color output with 7 different colors possible. (This is especially helpful if you are trying to match the amber or green of the older model STI or WRX stock gauges!)

[B]Key Features:[/B]
[LIST][*]Easy to read 320 degree sweep[*]All Digital Internals[*]7 color changeable LED (Dimmable)[*]Customizable bezel and face options included[*]Lab Grade Sensors and wiring[*]0-5v output for datalogging pass-through[*]52mm Body[/LIST]
[SIZE="3"]:nerd:[B]PIC YO!:[/B][/SIZE]


Feel free to check out site for more details: [url=]Import AEM Analog Face Digital Gauges at PRO Import Tuners[/url]

These are a really great value for a full digital gauge not to mention all the customizable options. Since I like you guys though, we'll give you a discount on the most popular gauge: the 30/30 vac/boost gauge.0:)

[SIZE="3"][B][COLOR="Black"]Price on the Boost gauge after discount:[/COLOR][COLOR="Red"][B]$148.99![/B][/COLOR][/B]

Coupon code: WRTuners_AEMBoost3030

Enjoy! >:D [/SIZE] :beatentod

Nathan21 01-30-2014 05:34 PM

would this include the failsafe?!?!

PROImportTuners 01-31-2014 10:27 AM

[quote=Nathan21;429986]would this include the failsafe?!?![/quote]

Nathan, we do sell the W/B fail-safe but the discount code was for the boost gauge specifically.

Hit me up on here or email me and I can hook you up with a discount on the W/B Fail Safe Gauge.


boo-key 01-31-2014 12:13 PM

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Ill be needing a digital aem oil pressure gauge in the near future. Will def hit you up.

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