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DRTiraPiedra 12-18-2010 10:10 AM

2011 Impreza WRX HID Help
Does anyone have a light meter & a 2011 WRX Limited? I want to know how bright the HID's are. I have decided between purchasing a base model or the limited. I want to know if it's worth spending the extra money on the Limited or just getting the base and doing retrofits. The hid's are not the only reason I was considering the Limited but if the light output is poor or the sharpness of the beam is off then I'll do a retrofit. Lighting is important to me since I live in NC there's to much wildlife and other hazards on the road to not have hid's. I do alot of night driving and switching between low and high beams is not a practical long term solution. I have gone to all three dealerships in my area & none of them have a 2011 WRX, it's on a come in leave a deposit & order bases.

CJ - 2011 Limited 12-19-2010 07:26 PM

I have a Limited, and it just seems like the beam doesnt go far enough when im behind the wheel. Ive had a few people flash me cause they thought my high beams were on, but i still dont feel like they are that bright. Depending on the price, i say its may better 2 just upgrade the lights from a premium or base model. (Im in Kansas, and there is alot of nothingness, but plenty of deer that randomly run across many of these back roads, so i always have 2 turn on my high beams to feel comfortable driving on them at night)
Ill look around 2 see if i can find a light meter and be of more use if no1 else posts an answer to your question.

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