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fidybrock 12-31-2009 04:07 PM

2007 WRX Wagon Tailgate Lift Support Problems
I own a 2007 WRX Wagon and have replaced the lift supports (the hydraulic cylinders that hold the tailgate in the open position) for the tailgate two times. The first time was covered under factory warranty and the second time was covered under a defective parts warranty (since they failed in less than one year). I just went to the grocery store and it seems that they've failed for the third time now. It's only been about three months since the last ones were installed. Each time they've been replaced by Subaru. Anyone else experiencing a problem like this?

NOTES: First failure at ~35K miles, second at ~43K, third ~50K. They always fail when it's cold, but don't seem to come back when it warms up.

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